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December 2005 Issue

Letter to the Editor: Memoir of a 'Goy' belongs in Steven King novel

To the Editor:
Kevin Montgomerys tragic essay (Memoir of a Goy at Brandeis, Dec. 2), began with the appalling story of his experience at Bentley College, one which belongs in a Stephen King novel (it reminded me of the horrific conclusion of Kings Carrie). It ended with a painful description of exclusion and discrimination at Brandeis, driven by his experience of the Jewish/non-Jewish divide.

The Brandeis Brief

The Shapiro Campus Center will not be open 24 hours a day during finals due to the budgetary constraints of the Division of Student Life. Assistant Dean of Student Life Alwina Bennett is expected to make the announcement this Sunday to the Student Senate.

Editorial: Public Safety should have guns

Last weekend reminded us that Public Safety does more than just break up parties they ascertain threats against the safety of our community and react. Their response to a student being brutally assaulted last weekend was admirable. First, they sent a campus wide e-mail informing students of the threat and then, after investigating further and finding out about other suspicious activity by a person with a similar description, they sent another one updating students as to their investigation.

Jenny Feinberg's State of the Union Address

Here is the transcript of Jenny Feinberg's complete State of the Union Address on December 6, 2005:

I woke up this morning to find F-Board member Harrison Chizik and
Senator Brian Paternostro passed out, still in their clothes, on the
couches in my Ridgewood. Scattered around the table and floor were
half-eaten late-night snacks, empty coffee mugs, and pages of my
speech. Based on the evidence before me, there was no question that
Harrison and Brian had stayed up the entire night, making edits and
additions to my speech for this evening. At that moment, I realized and
reminded myself what makes our Student Union different from past years'
Unions. We are a Union that cares;

we care about each other, we care
about the message of this organization, and most importantly, we care
about making Brandeis a place students love to study, work, and live.

Staff Favorites

These are our favorites of the past year.

Mbasketball hits road on .500 note

The Judges rebounded from their disappointing overtime meltdown against Tufts to knock off host Clark University 69-48 Tuesday night. Brandeis got off to a slow start on 33.3 percent shooting from the field that found them down 26-25 in a very even first half.

NFL week thirteen recap

Last year if Peyton Manning had thrown for less than two hundred yards in a game, the Colts certainly wouldnt have won the game 35-3. However, this year they have gone 12-0, scoring an average of more than 35 points a game over the last 10 weeks. Many believe that the Colts will achieve a perfect season, which no team has done since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Winning those last four games will be no small task, even for the Colts, as the next three teams they face have records of 9-3 (Jacksonville), 8-4 (San Diego), and 10-2 (Seattle).

The NBAs 1st Quarter

The NBA season is heating up now as we enter the middle of December. Its a bit early to know who will win the most games or the MVP or Rookie of the Year awards, but ideas are forming.

Good, bad and the ugly from '05

With Eli Wallach visiting the campus back in October, we at Hoot Sports decided to borrow from the title of probably the most famous film Wallach starred in: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly and apply it to a look back at 2005 in sports.

This Week in Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays signed A.J. Burnett for 55 million dollars over five years.
The Florida Marlins traded Paul Lo Duca to the New York Mets for a minor league pitcher.