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    Jenny Feinberg

    Jenny Feinberg's State of the Union Address

    Here is the transcript of Jenny Feinberg's complete State of the Union Address on December 6, 2005:

    I woke up this morning to find F-Board member Harrison Chizik and
    Senator Brian Paternostro passed out, still in their clothes, on the
    couches in my Ridgewood. Scattered around the table and floor were
    half-eaten late-night snacks, empty coffee mugs, and pages of my
    speech. Based on the evidence before me, there was no question that
    Harrison and Brian had stayed up the entire night, making edits and
    additions to my speech for this evening. At that moment, I realized and
    reminded myself what makes our Student Union different from past years'
    Unions. We are a Union that cares;

    we care about each other, we care
    about the message of this organization, and most importantly, we care
    about making Brandeis a place students love to study, work, and live.