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January 2012 Issue

Fundraising style shifted with Brandeis presidential transition

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Overlooking the fairway greens and still water ponds that make up senior citizen paradise at Boca Greens Country Club here, at 86 years old Rosalind Schacknow remembers vividly the day when the Brandeis library received the millionth book in her time as president of the National Committee’s Boca Raton chapter. “When […]

Answer president’s call for lower tuition

President Obama’s State of the Union included a central portion on higher education, with some choice words for Congress—but also for universities themselves. Colleges across the nation have allowed their tuition and other costs to skyrocket. In recent years a college education has again become more and more the province of the elite, and truly […]

Ensure strategic plan endures

In the strategic plan process, something is clearly amiss. The entire affair has taken far too long. Case in point, in Student Union President Herbie Rosen’s e-mail to students this week, he reviewed the process for those—in his words—“new here, or for those who just plain forgot.” While all indications make clear that the strategic […]

Textbook costs rise with frequent updated editions

In a time when economic hardship is becoming the norm, college students feel yet another aspect of university life draining more money out of their wallets: textbooks. While textbooks have always been expensive, students have seen a significant increase in the release of new editions. As many students began to register for classes and look […]

Linsey Pool opens with full house

After much anticipation, the Linsey Pool opened to festivities last weekend. Despite multiple inches of snow, Brandeisians turned out for a grand-opening pool party, complete with mechanical shark, photobooth, free pizza and an appearance by the president’s wife. Open at 7:30 a.m., Linsey Pool is already being regularly used by sports teams for practice, as […]

Obama starts challenge on tuition

President Obama prodded the nation about the growing gap between the necessity of higher education and the ability to afford it in his third State of the Union address Thursday evening. The president held colleges and universities accountable for their rising tuition bills, claiming that taxpayers’ funds will subsequently decrease if tuition continues to rise. […]

Parties clash over voting laws, even in 21st century

Proposed voter ID laws serve as yet another source of controversy between the two political parties in an impending 2012 presidential election season. If enacted, states would require photo identification, full licenses or other technical documents before citizens are able to cast a ballot, raising concerns regarding fundamental constitutional principles and the desire to legitimize […]

Study Abroad fair highlights travel opportunities

Representatives from the Brandeis Office of Study Abroad Thursday invited representatives from a selection of the university’s 250 approved study abroad programs to a mini study abroad fair in the Shapiro Campus Center atrium. The university approves programs in 70 different countries worldwide. Most popular study abroad locations include the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Denmark, […]

IBS showcases business internships

A Thursday night event at Brandeis’ International Business School featured six speakers in the fields of business, finance and banking, from companies such as State Street Corporation, Santander Sovereign Bank and BYN Mellon Wealth Management, who came to speak to the Association for Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA). These vice presidents, executive directors […]

BSF gets large donation, awards much of it

The Brandeis Sustainability Fund (BSF), which provides grant money to students who wish to pursue “green” projects and initiatives on campus, has awarded projects including a recycling machine and a green laundry system more than $20,000 of its grant fund to bring green innovation to the Brandeis University campus. To work on green initiatives with […]