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January 2012 Issue

Univ. research connects classroom to marketplace

Federal research and development efforts are failing to make the most of basic and applied research occurring in universities in communities across the country, according to a recent report from the Center for American Progress. It elaborated, saying that the current relationship between federal, academic and private enterprise was detrimental to economic development. Professor Eve […]

ENVS Professor aqquires local farm

Brian Donahue, associate professor of American environmental studies, recently bought a 170-acre farm in Gill, Massachusetts. After three decades working on a community farm in Weston and teaching students about landscape and conservation, his long-term goal has finally been realized. Presently on sabbatical, Donahue is currently completing a study of Eastern woodlands, in addition to […]

Birren draws on value of sciences as dean

One semester into her new role as dean of Arts and Sciences, Susan Birren has transitioned from her position as teacher to administrator by drawing on her science background and training, to focus on the connections between science and humanities, teaching and research. A biologist by profession, Birren’s challenge is to advance President Fred Lawrence’s […]

Transitional Year Program inspires students to excel

Alyssa Green ’14, the 2010-11 Transitional Year Program (TYP) senator, grew up in a self-described turbulent household. The challenges Green now faces as a college student are incomparable to the various struggles thrown her way since her childhood. As a result, Green has brought a new perspective on daily life to Brandeis. At first, Green […]

Undergraduate Art Show opens with student-only gallery

Large, distinctive eyes stand out from the round face of one painting, a mix of soft blue watercolors and thick paint; someone comments that it was drawn by taping a bowl to the wall and painting the distorted image. On the other side of the gallery is a torn piece of paper with dark marks […]

Modern-day ‘Sherlock Holmes’ thrives

On Jan. 15, the BBC aired the second season finale of its modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective novels starring the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, titled “Sherlock.” The show, which chronicles the adventures of the world’s only consulting detective and his loyal companion John Watson, is uniquely structured with each season consisting of […]

‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 3D

At the 9 p.m. screening of the award-winning classic “Beauty and the Beast” that I attended, the audience uniformly consisted of college-aged students. Although the Disney franchise is definitely trying to relive the Disney Renaissance by repackaging old movies and making them “new,” they are still directed toward the same audience, just 10 years older. […]

‘Fountainhead’ a good read beneath the controversy

“The Fountainhead,” penned by Ayn Rand in 1943, remains controversial to this day, partly due to occurrences in the novel but more so because of Ayn Rand herself. The founder of a political movement called objectivism, Ayn Rand has often been viewed as being too extreme, either in a conservative or libertarian sense. She believed […]

Hidden Gems of iTunes

I always enjoy finding singles by unknown artists on iTunes. They are often better than current mainstream artists. In contrast to hearing the same Top 40 song in the grocery store, the melodies and lyrics of unknown artists are often more meaningful and familiar to my ear. This was once again the case when I […]

Student artist turns Brandeis into a playground

College students, not young children, play on the shiny red swings hanging from white ropes across campus. Some swings mysteriously appeared without explanation in the fall and now nine swings fill the campus, stretching from the Shapiro Campus Center to Rabb. Students frequently talk about the swings and enjoy them on study breaks but few […]