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C-store layout harms student health

tudents take daily trips to the C-store, Brandeis’ only food store on campus. One particular student goes there every day and knows exactly what is in stock, but she always needs to prepare a small grocery list ahead of time so that she won’t get sidetracked. To her right lie all the candies in their […]

Men’s basketball win two straight

The men’s basketball team continued its strong season, adding more non-conference wins to its resume. The Judges defeated Lasell College on Nov. 26 and Becker College on Dec. 3. Both games were played in the Auerbach Arena. Brandeis went into Thanksgiving break after a back-and-forth 78-69 win against the Lasell Lasers. The game featured six […]

Ambitious alumnus debuts film

Having written, directed and produced the film “Wild Ruse,” David French ’13 eagerly anticipates the premiere of the surrealist heist film, an ambitious project which required approximately 10 months to produce and involved the near arrest of the entire cast while filming. Depicting a dramatic armed robbery complete with violence, gunshots and a chilling pig […]

Why “Drill, baby, drill” is in Brandeis’ Future

The lead article in The New York Times this past week carries hopeful news for anyone not in deep denial about climate change. An analysis of corporate long-range financial plans has revealed that some of the world’s largest companies are preparing to pay up to $60 per ton for carbon pollution. “It’s climate change as […]

Rosen closes semester with new ideas for Union

In the Student Union’s annual State Of The Union Address on Monday night, Student Union President Ricky Rosen ’14 reflected on the achievements of the past year. He also gave Brandeis a preview of the changes to come this spring, influenced by students’ suggestions. After a year of changes in dining providers, more dining changes […]

Professors out of their natural habitat; a field guide

When I first visited Brandeis back in high school, one of the selling points the tour guide made about the “Brandeisian experience” was the usual Student Union event of taking a professor to lunch. The intriguing part of it was not just that you were receiving free food, but that students were also encouraged to […]

Beloved staff member inspired by students

Employed at Brandeis University since Aug. 2009, Fred George has forged a lasting impression on the student body, stemming from his natural ability to relate to individuals of all backgrounds. Whether he is working behind the counter at the mailroom, implementing improvements at the Stein or working at the new Dunkin’ Donuts, Fred’s personable nature […]

Professor Emeritus dies at 92, known for illuminated manuscripts

On Nov. 24, Professor Emeritus Joachim Gaehde passed away at 92 years old. Though his wife died in 2002, he had continued to live alone in their home in Arlington, Mass. Gaehde emigrated from Germany with his wife and received his Ph.D. from New York University. He arrived in America in his 30s, getting a […]

Judges go 1-1 in two close contests

The past two games for the women’s basketball team have been nail-bitingly close as they overcame Emmanuel before the break and fell to UMass Dartmouth on Tuesday. On Nov. 26, the Judges managed to beat Emmanuel by only eight points, but on Dec. 3, they lost to the UMass team by 11. Both games signify […]

Eliana’s Advice 12/6/13: Finding ways to waste time and save friendships

Dear Eliana, When I went home for the Thanksgiving break, I went to get my haircut from the hairdresser I’ve used since as long as I can remember. I was really discouraged to completely loathe the haircut she gave me. My sideburns were left uneven, she missed some spots shaving on the back of my […]