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Brandeis University's Community Newspaper — Waltham, Mass.

February 2010 Issue


The halls are alive with the sounds of … Brandeis

Footsteps. Laughter. A girl on her cell phone. A stereo blasting Lady Gaga. A bongo. As anyone living in a dorm can attest, you’re likely to hear all of these on any given day, blending in with a plethora of other sounds to which you’ve become accustomed. If anyone were to ask you about them, […]

Why I love the Olympics or how I spent my February break

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved sports. I played over half a dozen at one point in time or another and have always adored watching them on TV. Every two years I get so excited to tune in for the Olympics. I get shamelessly into the hype over the latest American […]

A not so artful decision

When the university announced Jan. 22 that the impending academic cuts were to be decided by a Committee, this editorial board thought the powers that be had finally learned their lesson. After all, many of the university’s public relations blunders can be attributed to a chronic lack of responsible committees. For example, Jan. 16 of […]

Book of Matthew: You can’t choose your abortion facts

The girl in the pamphlet stared off into the corner of the picture frame. She looked like a lead female role in a low-budget 50s horror movie—covered in shadow and looking fearfully at some unseen enemy. “The Deadly After-Effect of Abortion: Breast Cancer,” read the boldfaced title. This was no movie. The pamphlet was one […]

Great minds … compose at Brandeis

Brandeis University opened its doors to its first student in the fall of 1948. Less than three years later, Arnold Schoenberg passed away at the age of 76. Schoenberg is often considered the last great composer of the art music canon, one whos work was so innovative that it created new modes of thought about […]

Approaching American decline

Within the next fifty years, China will probably overtake the United States as the world’s dominant hegemonic power. When this happens, historians will ask “when was the turning point?” Indeed, at what point did America begin to decline? The answer is in the policies of the past administration, that of President George W. Bush. The […]

A plan for resource-rich countries

Most countries that are rich with natural resources, such as petroleum, gas and minerals have a large percentage of poor citizens. This is the reason many oil-rich countries have called oil a blessing and curse at the same time. Many social scientists, economists and philosophers have come up with countless theories as to why this […]