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February 2010 Issue

Remembering the significance of planet earth

The new “it” thing these days is to go green. People around the world find delight in being able to say things such as, “My new Toyota Prius is environmentally friendly,” or “My dorm has been green certified.” But the reality is that people’s lifestyles are not drastically changing in order to fit the needs […]

Borde-nough: Creating jobs in all the wrong places

If the Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Index has as much to say about a president’s political health as it has in the past, President Barack Obama needs emergency care. The Index stands at 46, a drop of more than ten points since last month, and more than 40 points less than what is typically regarded […]

The Self Shelf: Celebrity apologies: A damaging waste of time

The celebrity stands behind the podium, a solitary figure surrounded by a sea of media. His crimes have been laid out before the court of public opinion for months. This is his penance. Stoic and robotic, he reads his written apology like a book on tape. It is the press’s job to decipher the emotion […]

Sexcapades: The importance of pillow talk

In an ideal world, a first date (or maybe three) would come before sex. Unless, of course, all you want is the sex. In that ideal world, the sex would come easily, with no strings attached and no conversation needed. But we don’t live an ideal world–in college, we don’t even live in the real […]

Four-year cup of fun

It’s 11:30 on a Thursday night and the campus coffee shop is bustling. At college, the coffee shop is an experience (no matter why) everyone seems to gather here. You notice the freshmen right away. They huddle in the corner over books, still bundled up. They haven’t adjusted to the cold, and judging by the […]

‘Island’ makes audiences shudder

Just hearing the names Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio in the same sentence is a giveaway that whatever movie it’s referring to is a force to be reckoned with. And “Shutter Island,” the newest collaboration from this Hollywood director-actor power duo does not disappoint. DiCaprio plays Teddy Daniels, a U.S. marshal sent to Shutter Island, […]

Getting lost in Brandeis spaces

A peripheral scan of the room: Brandeisians hunched over computers, one bopping to a silent tune, another swilling coffee while jabbing at his keyboard chopsticks-style, others lounging on overstuffed chairs, limbs akimbo with laptops perched precariously on knees—thinking. I walk the boundary of the room, backpack slung over my shoulder and a thermos in hand. […]

‘Funnyhouse’ built on unstable foundation

Let there be no doubt about it: “Funnyhouse of a Negro” is the most spectacular production I have ever seen on the Brandeis campus. The acting was very strong. The actors seemed to burst from the stage with precise, crackling energy, simultaneously capturing the supernatural unreality of the mental demons they portrayed while avoiding the […]

Grad gets a long overdue face-lift

When we were sophomores, you know, a million (ok, two) years ago, there were plans of renovating Grad. But they never materialized. And so, bright eyed and eager, we moved into our five-person abode in the fall of 2008. For two years now we have endured the sympathetic smiles, pitying glances and outbursts of disgust […]

Track and field have mixed day at New England Division III Championships

Last Saturday, the men’s and women’s track and field teams travelled to the University of Southern Maine for the New England Division III Championships, and though the teams managed only a mixed record, a pair of stellar individual performances helped make the Judges proud.  The women’s team found the most success, earning 25 points over […]