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October 2008 Issue

Tech Talk

With Max Shay, Jordan Warsoff, and Josh Waizer.

The Hoot Report: Pre-Election Reports

With Bret Matthew, Adam Hughes, and Zachary Aranow.

‘Know Your Rights’ magnet printing stopped

The printing of the Know Your Rights information magnets was cancelled yesterday after language discrepancies between the magnets and the Rights and Responsibilities handbook were identified. The magnets concerning the student conduct process were soon to be released by Union President Jason Gray ’10, Office of Student Rights and Advocacy (OSRA) Director Laura Cohen ’09, […]

Aramark makes dining reforms

Students are now able to use their meals to purchase soy milk, Dannon yogurt and vegan noodle options prepared on site at the P.O.D. Market, along with the bananas, Bistro Salad, Roasted Turkey sandwich and the Tuna Sandwich at Einstein’s Bros Bagels, Dining services announced last Thursday. The expansion of the current C-Meal, which has […]

MIT professor says media culture is participatory

“We’re in a moment when media scholars have something to contribute,” stated MIT Professor Henry Jenkins at a Brandeis lecture on Thursday. His point to make: technology and media literacy is changing. Jenkins, the founder and director of the Comparative Studies Program at MIT, explained the essentiality of new media in the coming age, something […]

Patrick speaks to Brandeis business school about Israel and green tech

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick spoke in Brandeis’ Faculty Club about green technology similarities between Israel and Massachusetts Tuesday night at a dinner for the Israel Cleantech Investor Conference hosted by the International Business School. At the conference, which was held in conjunction with the New England-Israel Business Council, the Government of Israel, the Israel Economic […]

Editorial: Rights should stick to the Constitution, not the fridge

As part of an effort to inform Brandeis students of their rights on campus, the Student Union’s Office of Student Rights and Advocacy (OSRA) designed Know Your Rights magnets to distribute to the student body. The original version of the magnet intended to list items from the Rights and Responsibilities handbook concerning the student conduct […]

Letters to the editor:

To the Editor: To all the people who have the cojones to be open Republicans at a liberal university: you have my blessing. In a place where you bump into more political fanatics than religious ones, where your political viewpoints can earn your more disapproval than your sexual orientation, I’d say that the election is […]

SEA Change: Comparing the candidates’ environmental stance

On November 4, this country will elect the occupant of the most powerful position in the nation and perhaps the world — the Presidency of the United States. While there are many factors that go into making an informed vote, we at Students for Environmental Action believe that climate change is potentially the most crucial […]

Worried about a career? Go ahead! Dive right in!

There are moments in our lives when we feel paralyzed, when situations appear daunting, even insurmountable. Many seniors are expressing that very feeling when they talk about their post-graduation plans. Students have agonized, “Do I have enough time to figure out what I want to do and find a job before May?” and “How do […]