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October 2008 Issue

The Cuban Embargo: A brief comment on a ridiculous policy

On Wednesday, October 29, 2008, the United Nations General Assembly voted on a non-binding measure that urged the United States to lift its 46-year embargo on Cuba. The measure was passed by an overwhelming majority of 185 nations in favor. Only three nations opposed the measure (the US, Israel, and Palau), while two nations abstained […]

Memoirs of a conservative: Part Three

I am really pissed off. About two weeks ago, when most of you were probably home for the Yom Kippur holiday, the John McCain stickers on my door were vandalized. These advertisements were innocent endorsements of my support for the candidate, and this act of vandalism represented a true crime against my property. On one […]

Fantasy Families: More important than our own?

Is my family more important than yours? To me, sure. To you, probably not. Would any of you care if my neighbor got shot? Would you read about it in the news or would I have to tell you about it first? Now what about Britney Spears? What if something happened to her or her […]

Porn for the masses: No tissues necessary

Porn isn’t just hot sweaty bodies going at it. Or a twosome that becomes a threesome that becomes a foursome. I watch porn every night. Sometimes in the company of friends. My guy friends watch porn too. No use of their left hands necessary, no tissues needed for the cleanup. We both watch it on […]

Let the truth sting: Learn to be honest

Throughout my first few years at Brandeis, I’ve learned a lot about human nature. For one thing, we will always protect ourselves first before helping someone else. We will revert back to our baser instincts when faced with a difficult decision and generally take the easy way out. We are emotional beings and will often […]

ELEVEat-ing girls to their full potential

$25. That’s the price of a dinner out with some friends. To some, it might be petty change; to a young girl in Senegal it’s a future. Sitting in a car with her Senegalese host mother on her way to deliver books to girls at a local school, Allyson Goldsmith ‘10 realized just that and […]

Beyond Israel: Jewish students explore the four corners of the world and themselves

Brandeis University and the State of Israel. What a combination. Both full of Jews, both established in 1948, both characterized by the colors blue and white. It’s like a match made on JDate. With the undergraduate student population estimated to be 50 percent Jewish in any given year, it’s no surprise that Israel is a […]

Israeli author describes identity in writing

Etgar Keret first decided to be a writer when his brother picked up dog poop with one of his stories. That decisive moment lent him the epiphany that catalyzed his career as an author, he explained at a Meet the Author event Tuesday. “You can’t touch the essence of a story,” he said. “You can’t […]

Princeton Prof. Appiah accepts Gittler prize

In front of a full crowd in the Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Brandeis celebrated the inaugural ceremony for the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize on Monday with a speech from its first recipient Professor Kwame Anthony Appiah. The $25,000 prize awards “outstanding and lasting scholarly contributions to racial, ethnic and/or religious relations,” according to the […]

Journalism prof. discusses book on Paxil investigation

A former reporter for the Boston Globe and Miami Herald, and Pulitzer Prize nominee for investigative journalism, Prof. Alison Bass (AMST) is now a published author. Bass spoke about her new book, Side Effects: A Prosecutor, A Whistleblower and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial Wednesday at an event sponsored by the Schuster Institute for Investigative […]