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    Graham Dobereiner

    What’s the deal with the senior gift?

    Youd think that four years of steady, on-time tuition payments would be enough. Youd think paying in to an absurdly overpriced meal plan would suffice. Youd think that several mandatory senior fees would finally quench the schools thirst for cash.
    Not so fast, fellow students. Brandeis wants just a little more sugar before youre out for good.

    Admin. announces newest housing plan

    The administration announced Oct. 13 that Ridgewood Quad would likely be destroyed in spring 2007 to make space for two to three new residence halls.

    Ridgewood future undecided

    Ridgewood Residence Quad may survive the next round of residence hall construction, according to the Office of Capital Projects.

    Despite lack of Treasurer, club funding secure

    The Brandeis University Student Union is currently operating without a treasurer, according to Union officials.

    Fires spur ban on dorm flyers

    A series of flyer burnings in Rosenthal quad this month has prompted Dean of Student Life Rick Sawyer to temporarily prohibit papers from being posted in public areas of residence halls.

    Flaw in voting system brings election results into question

    Flaws in the student online election system may have allowed members of the Class of 2005 to vote in this weeks and past Student Union elections this year, according to a Hoot investigation. The flaw was confirmed by Union Officials and is still unfixed for the Final Round of elections currently ongoing. Up to press time Round 1 primary results have not been invalidated.

    Stein given warning from Waltham Liquor Comm.

    The universitys Stein restaurant received a warning from the Waltham Liquor Commission at a hearing Tuesday after failing a recent compliance check, according to Waltham police.

    Student leaders not consulted on draft of alcohol policy

    Student leaders complained this week of a lack of consultation from the administration regarding the recent drafting of a university policy regarding alcohol at student-run events.

    The Brandeis Brief

    The Shapiro Campus Center will not be open 24 hours a day during finals due to the budgetary constraints of the Division of Student Life. Assistant Dean of Student Life Alwina Bennett is expected to make the announcement this Sunday to the Student Senate.

    Trustees approve debt for new science buildings

    The Board of Trustees approved a motion Wednesday to allow the University to take on $100 million dollars in debt for a new science facility.