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    Allies enhance Brandeis experience

    This week’s edition of The Brandeis Hoot features two news articles about two different trusted campus allies, one leaving his duties on campus and the other returning. As most of the Brandeis community knows by now, Father Walter Cuenin will no longer serve as Brandeis’ Catholic chaplain due to health reasons, and Sheila McMahon will […]

    Student protests need respect from administration

    Dean of Students Jamele Adams sent an email to the Brandeis community on Thursday morning, Dec. 4, explaining the reasoning behind the administration’s decision to take down the signs placed around campus this past weekend in support of the national “Black Lives Matter” campaign. Dean Adams cited the lack of any identifying student organization associated […]

    Board of Trustees must improve transparency

    This week’s issue of The Brandeis Hoot features a news article outlining an email update on the most recent Board of Trustees meeting, sent out by the two Student Union representatives to the board. The email informed Brandeis students about the representatives’ efforts to make the Board of Trustees more aware of student concerns, including […]

    Community benefits from student-staff interactions

    This past Thursday, Nov. 13, the Student Union organized an ice cream social in collaboration with the Department of Public Safety, inviting students to mix and mingle with officers who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Brandeis community. As part of the itinerary for Brandeis Kindness Day, the ice cream social signifies a […]

    Administration can offer more than just lip service

    University administrators and the Student Union recently hosted a roundtable discussion for the Brandeis community to address various issues, ranging from tuition to campus sustainability, in a free and open setting. While the event was an honest effort by the Student Union to alleviate student concerns, the answers provided by the administration were unfortunately vague […]

    Student activism continues to be admirable

    Brandeis students are known for being very vocal in their complaints about the university. From dining services to the mailroom, students have created a dialogue around the improvements they feel are necessary. However, this semester, many students are raising the bar—in regard to the administration’s lack of attention to cases of sexual misconduct on campus. […]

    Univ. should lead in environmental issues

    In this week’s issue, The Brandeis Hoot featured an article about on-campus environmental activism, past, present and future. The article addresses, among other important points, the lack of effort made by Brandeis administration to meet goals related to environmental sanity and campus sustainability. Students and faculty members spoke at the event and made their opinion […]

    Hanging of pride flag a display of necessary support

    This month marks the annual observance of LGBT History Month. In addition to numerous events around campus marking the event, such as the Trisk coffeehouse, the Catholic Chaplaincy on campus has also supported the cause. Father Walter Cuenin and the Catholic community have placed a gay pride flag on display outside the chapel. We at […]

    Brandeis should reinstate partnership with Al-Quds University

    In this week’s issue of The Hoot, we feature a group of students who shared their experiences spending time in Palestine and at Al-Quds University, a former partner of Brandeis. Last year, the university suspended their relationship with the Palestinian institution over a Nazi-themed demonstration by an Islamic fundamentalist group. An abhorrent act, it was […]

    Univ must continue to lead in mental health

    In the news section of this week’s Hoot, readers can find two articles about the ways in which the university is seeking to improve its health services, in both the realm of mental health and the realm of insurance and bureaucracy. The Hoot commends the university’s efforts to improve student life, but we do so […]