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NFL week thirteen recap

Published: December 9, 2005
Section: Sports

Last year if Peyton Manning had thrown for less than two hundred yards in a game, the Colts certainly wouldnt have won the game 35-3. However, this year they have gone 12-0, scoring an average of more than 35 points a game over the last 10 weeks. Many believe that the Colts will achieve a perfect season, which no team has done since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Winning those last four games will be no small task, even for the Colts, as the next three teams they face have records of 9-3 (Jacksonville), 8-4 (San Diego), and 10-2 (Seattle).

Tom Brady had a much better game this week than he did last, as he threw four less interceptions, and the Patriots managed to win the game. The Jets, who came into the game at 2-9, didnt stand much of a chance, although they held the Patriots to only 6 points in the first half. When the Patriots offense got going it led them to a 16-3 win over the division rivals, with 3 field goals from Adam Vinatieri, as he surpassed Patriots great Gino Cappelletti as the Patriots all-time scoring leader.
However, what the Patriots did to the Jets paled in comparison to the unmerciful smack-down that the Seattle Seahawks laid on the helpless Philadelphia Eagles. Although all of the scoring was over by the first play of the second half, the Seahawks still managed to put up 42 points when they shutout the Eagles in snowy Philadelphia. In doing so the Seahawks became the second team to clinch a playoff spot this season.

The Eagles didnt stand much of a chance, especially after starting quarterback Koy Detmer gave up the ball three teams, and then was relieved by Michael McMahon who threw for two interceptions. Overall, Sunday was not a good day to be an Eagles fan, and next week doesnt seem like it will be good either, as the Eagles take on the 8-4 Giants to whom they lost three weeks ago.

Not all the NFL teams that have been having quarterback troubles have been doing as poorly as the Eagles have. The Minnesota Vikings have gone 5-0 since losing starting quarterback Daunte Culpepper in week eight. However, they are still behind in their division to the Chicago Bears who have eight consecutive wins.

Next week holds some really great games that could end up deciding several playoff spots. First, the Chicago Bears travel to Pittsburgh, where they will fight for their tenth win. Also, there will be a big NFC game in Carolina, as the 8-4 Buccaneers visit the hot 9-3 Panthers. Finally, the most important game of next week is one of the last chances for the Colts to lose this season, as they visit the 9-3 Jacksonville Jaguars.