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April 2013 Issue

A Constitution up for renewal

The United States Constitution, first adopted in Philadelphia in 1787, is now more than 200 years old and today there are many people, myself included, who are impressed with the Constitution’s vitality and durability. The rules, frameworks and guiding principles of America’s founding document still define and shape modern American politics. Yet, one can’t help […]

Classics professor to speak at Case Western about new insights in “Aeneid” translation

Patricia Johnston (CLAS) will present novel research findings she has discovered while publishing a new translation of Vergil’s “Aeneid” to students and faculty at Case Western Reserve University Friday. Case Western sponsors “Vergil Week” each year, and this year Johnston’s book was chosen as the highlight of the week, with a complete reading of the […]

Students speak; divestment passes in a landslide vote by 79 percent

The second round of Student Union Elections was held Thursday, April 25 to fill open Senate and Associate Judiciary seats, and most notably to vote on a ballot initiative supporting divestment at Brandeis. The Brandeis University Undergraduate Divestment Campaign Petition passed with a majority of 79.03 percent voting in favor of it. Abstentions are not […]

New biology major requirements encourage interdisciplinary study

New changes to courses and requirements in the biology department will offer a more holistic, interdisciplinary approach, according to Dr. Melissa Kosinski-Collins, professor of biology. The new changes will go into effect for students matriculating in the fall semester of 2013. The updated curriculum introduces a set of three new one-semester courses: BIOL 14a (Genetics […]

Culture X sheds light on the extraordinary talent at Brandeis

Culture X made its annual return to Brandeis last Saturday to once again dazzle the stage of Levin Ballroom. This year, the venue was more packed than it has ever been, and the stage has never been as lit up by the bright talents of Brandeis students as it was this year. Brandeis alumni and […]

‘Visions of an Ancient Dreamer’ astounds

This weekend, Brandeis Theater Company presents “Visions of an Ancient Dreamer,” a stunning medley of well-executed acting, blocking and translation that transported the audience to a different century. “Visions of an Ancient Dreamer” is composed of Euripides classics: “Orestes” and “Iphigenia at Tauris.” Originally written in Greek, Professor Leonard C. Muellner (CLAS) and his students […]

In appreciation of campus public safety

Just as the Brandeis and Greater Boston community began to mourn and recover from last week’s marathon bombings, the area was forced into a lockdown and for an entire day, the commonplace everyday activities of our lives came to a sudden halt. The university administration, including but not limited to public safety, communications, student life […]

In appreciation of college journalism

Today I will pick up a copy of The Hoot and slowly, the realization that my time as editor is now over, will begin to sink in. Few articles, letters or essays from the past four years can match the difficulty level of this one—a farewell column to my career as a college journalist. Through […]

Students sing for charity at annual a cappella fest

Starving Artists’ A Cappella Fest made its 14th annual return this past Thursday night in Sherman Function Hall. The show, a charity event, will donate its proceeds to The Greater Waltham Arc, an agency that provides services to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Featuring 11 Brandeis groups and one Lexington High School group, Sherman […]

Softball measures up to Clark 1-1 for the weekend; reaches 20 game win mark

The softball team faced Clark University in a doubleheader at home last Saturday, and went 1-1 against the Cougars. With this victory, the Judges have reached their 20th win of the season for the eighth year in a row. Brandeis now holds a record of 20-11, while the Cougars stand at 13-15. When asked how […]