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In appreciation of campus public safety

Published: April 26, 2013
Section: Editorials

Just as the Brandeis and Greater Boston community began to mourn and recover from last week’s marathon bombings, the area was forced into a lockdown and for an entire day, the commonplace everyday activities of our lives came to a sudden halt.

The university administration, including but not limited to public safety, communications, student life and facilities staff awoke to frightening news of a manhunt located just miles away from campus. They responded with an unwavering sense of calm that protected our campus and reassured worried students.

Police managed to secure the campus without increasing the frightened attitudes students already felt from following media coverage. The communications team turned to a wide range of outlets, including Facebook and Twitter to send out constant communication throughout the day. With campus dining facilities and the library remaining open, students were also allowed to access their usual spaces on campus and avoid being confined to a dorm room for the entire day.

The university has continued to rally its support for victims of the tragedy and remind students about the multitude of resources available to them.

Faced with the most difficult of circumstances, Brandeis leadership responded immediately and employees were able to serve the best interest of the student body. We are incredibly grateful.