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Editorial: Show me the Money!

Published: February 9, 2007
Section: Opinions

The F-Board has been meeting this past week to properly allocate funds to the many clubs at Brandeis during the Regular Marathon period. Last years successful SAF amendment to allocate more money to more clubs made it clear that the Union and the F-Board wanted to work with students in an attempt to make their stay at Brandeis more enjoyable. The referendum, drafted by members of the Union states, All Union documents and records shall be public knowledge and made available for inspection to any member of the Union by the Secretary. However, the actual enactment of this policy has been discouraging at best.

On the Union Finances website, the weekly budget report compiled by the Union issuing figures of both the projected and actual amount of money being allocated is accurate as of November of 2006. This was the only report filed during all of 2006, a drop off from the five reports issued in 2005 and fourteen issued in 2004.

Similarly, the weekly club finance report, the weekly summary of club fundraising accounts, and the bi-weekly report on Senate money requests have not been updated since March and April of 2005. Both the weekly summary and the club fundraising accounts state on their website, This information is accurate as of April 03, 2005, and is generally updated weekly during the academic year. Obviously, this is not the case.
In order to truly work with the students, the Union and the F-Board must meet their promises to keep the public informed more than sporadically at best.