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Open House welcomes, tries to sway pre-frosh

Published: April 15, 2005
Section: News

Over 500 prospective students, with parents in tow, flocked to Brandeis campus this past Wednesday and Thursday to take part in the 2005 Brandeis open house. The event, organized annually by the office of admissions which along with tours and overnight stays throughout the year, is designed to help prospective students feel what its like to be a Brandeisian for a day, according to the admissions office website.

The office of admission did have difficulty this year finding sufficient numbers of students to host students on Wednesday night. Over 200 students were registered to stay overnight according to an email sent by Dean of Admission Dena Whitfield. Despite efforts to recruit hosts in the weeks leading up to open house, only hours before open house was to start admissions was still sending out requests for students to volunteer their time and rooms.

During their time on campus the prospective students had the option touring the campus, auditing classes and taking part in a myriad of campus activities. Many came away from open house with a positive image of the university and the undergraduate student body the first thing that I noticed was just how friendly everyone is said Zach Lipkin-Moore a prospective student from Derry, NH. His feelings were echoed by Debbi Neigher of Chester, NJ who said that she had felt that Everyone was very welcoming and very very nice and enthusiastic during her time on campus.

However, it takes more than a few friendly faces to woo an undecided student. The increasing cost of higher education has put an extra burden on students trying to decide on a college. Like countless other students, Lipkin-Moore said that financial considerations were central to his decision on whether to attend Brandeis I got a grant, but we were unable to get much financial aid Although he was 98% sure he wanted to attend Brandeis in the coming year he went on to say that two percent equals a couple thousand dollars

Leading up to the open house the Brandeis campus had a major beatification effort. Employees have been placing sod, repaving walkways and roads, and trying to make the physical plant picturesque for open house. The effort was noticed by prospective and existing students alike. I think that everyone is laughing at the fact that we have rental flowers now, and that for once in the entire year the campus looks gorgeous said Liesse-marie Slemon 07