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To the Editor: Union election not as flawed as descibed in article

Published: September 22, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:

I feel that there were some inaccuracies in last week's elections coverage which should be corrected.

I was surprised when I read on the front page that the Student Union gave conflicted reasons for the glitch, because I contacted the author twice and explained the causes of this election cycles issues. As I explained, the Treasurer race had an issue with the voting populations assigned to it. Once the voting populations were reassigned, the election went off without further incident. The election system has never miscounted votes in the cases reported, the only error was in who was able to vote, not in how votes were recorded. Since the system was fixed to recognize the correct voting populations, I have no doubt that everyones vote was counted. Despite my multiple efforts to explain the nature of the problem, the article that appeared implied that a mysterious unknown glitch was undermining the integrity of the voting systeman implication that is completely false.

The more glaring error, however, is the manner in which your newspaper attacked LTS.

Previous Student Union officials have met with LTS staff many times over this issue, and this year we worked almost night and day during the week leading up to the election to make sure things ran as smoothly as possible. At first, we attempted to patch the current system. Eventually, it was determined that, despite our efforts, this strategy could only serve as a temporary measure, rather than a long-term solution. Writing an entirely new elections system is not an easy task, however, and could not be completed in time for this round of elections. Therefore, we ran the election on the current system with the stopgap measures in place. To imply that LTS has been anything but intelligent, helpful, and diligent is an insult to their hard work and effort.

We hope to have a new elections system up and running in short order, but I ask that you and your readers have patience while LTS and your Student Union ensure that the new system meets our standards.

Alex Braver '09
Student Union Secretary
Chief of Elections