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    Leah Berkenwald

    SSIS Question Sex-tion: safe, sane, and sensual sadomasochism

    Q: My roommate recently told me that she and her boyfriend practice SM. Some of the things she told me about are pretty weird and they sound dangerous. Is it okay for her to do that stuff?
    -Scared Silly

    Follow your passions to greatness

    Last semester of college. Last Liquid Latex. Last April break. Last all-nighter in Shapiro. Last Taco Night. Last Culture X. Last final exam. Last dinner at Usdan. Do you want to punch me yet? These days, it seems like everything is my last something. It occurred to me today that this is the last issue of The Hoot. My last chance to say something to the Brandeis community. So, it has to be good, right?

    Choose your own online dating adventure

    I know, I know. Youre too cool to do online dating. But that doesnt mean you havent thought about it. Come on, dont lie. Youve browsed a few Craigslist personals pages, late at night, under the cover of darkness. Oh, admit it. You signed up for JDate just so you could see if anyone from Brandeis was on it, but you didnt delete your account, did you?

    Putting up with PDA

    Q: My roommate and his/her partner are all over each other all the time when Im in the room and its so awkward! What should I do about it?
    ~Eyes Wide Shut

    Online dating: is it prostitution?

    I recently came across a website called, a dating website for people looking for mutually beneficial arrangements. The site connects Sugar Daddies with Sugar Babies. Basically, it promotes arrangements where young women date older men in exchange for expensive gifts. Unlike other dating websites, profiles of Sugar Daddies (and Sugar Mommies) list the persons annual income and net worth;

    for example, ActionDaddy is worth $750,000 to $1,000,000. The profiles of Sugar Babies list how much each expect from their Sugar Daddies (or Mommies). Foxy Kat expects between $3,001 and $5000 a month from her Sugar Daddy. She asks, Im looking to make YOUR world a better place Do YOU want to do the same for Me? She makes it sound so simple, doesnt she?

    Facts, myths, and the truth about condoms

    A few weeks ago we celebrated Valentines Day, which also happens to be National Condom Day. In belated honor of this special day, SSIS would like to share some facts and dispel some myths about condoms.

    Too much of a good thing?

    Is it possible to masturbate too much?

    Sex Shops: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

    Q: I am looking to buy a sex toy and Ive heard a lot about these new feminist sex stores. Can you tell me more about them? —– A: There has been a great deal of buzz over the new phenomenon of feminist sex stores spreading quickly across the country, or at least on both […]

    The etiquette of oral sex

    Q: Is there any polite way to ask for oral?

    HIV testing coming to the health center

    The Health Center will be offering HIV testing the week of the 23rd of October. According to Kathleen Maloney, Nurse Practitioner and Administrator of the Health Center, HIV testing has been in the works for a while now. Part of the reason why it was taking so long to implement is related to the logistical difficulties of offering such a test, one where confidentiality and counseling are major components. The impressive show of campus-wide support for HIV testing last year certainly influenced the decision to prioritize this issue and put the program in place this semester.