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    Leah Berkenwald

    Taking control of birth control

    Q: I missed my pill yesterday, what should I do?

    A: Though they dont protect you from STDs, birth control pills are a great method of contraception. Unfortunately, they can be a little confusing at times. The most important part of making birth control pills work for you is remembering to take them at the same time every day. Some people find it helps to do it right when they wake up, others dont like this method because they do not always wake up at the same time every day. Some choose to take it before they go to bed, or even set an alarm on their cell phone to remind them. Choose whatever system works best for you, but be prepared for the fact that youll probably fuck it up every now and then. After all, you go to Brandeis. Youre a busy person.

    Meditations on hooking up

    Last week, on Sept 29th, the good people of NPRs On Point interviewed some college sex columnists, including Amber Madison, recent Tufts grad and author of Hooking Up: A Girls All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality. A book deal after graduation? Well, lets just leave it at: Im jealous.

    Brimming with love of the glove

    Why does SSIS sell latex gloves? What do they have to do with sex?

    While talk of sex usually focuses on the genitalia, we must not forget the most adaptable, playful, stimulating, and sensual organs of all: our hands. No matter what type of sex you enjoy, be it penetrative, oral, with multiple partners, or by yourself, your hands play a role in play. Dont they deserve the same protection and eroticization afforded to other sexual organs?

    Be planning

    Can I get the morning-after pill on campus?

    Yes. The Brandeis Health Center supplies Plan B, a brand of emergency contraceptive, or EC.

    Lube: the sexual shoehorn sliding into something good

    Q: Why use lube? My girl doesnt need any help in that department! A: Well Willy, Im glad you brought this up.

    Sleepless in Shapiro

    Everyone is convinced that sleep is important. You hear it from parents, doctors, and those “studies” people are always talking about. But how do you know that any of those studies are accurate anyway?

    A tale of two bloggers

    Keeping a blog carries a risk, especially as we get ready to leave Brandeis and enter the world of graduate school and employment. These risks need to be recognized as we continue to conduct ourselves online.

    Outgrowing school, or just growing?

    “Do you ever feel that you have outgrown Brandeis?”

    My friend asked me this on the shuttle taking us home from Harvard Square. It took me by surprise. Outgrown Brandeis? I, Leah Berkenwald, the young-for-my-age 20 year old definition of “late bloomer, have outgrown Brandeis? No. Of course not.
    Ever since he asked me that, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Mostly because I think I actually am starting to outgrow Brandeis. Perhaps not Brandeis, but college in general.

    True love or candy?

    Would you like one candy bar today, or two candy bars tomorrow?
    My father used to chide my brother and me for always being the types to take one candy bar today rather than two tomorrow. He thought we were impatient that we acted on instincts instead of logic. He thought those were bad things. Thinking with your stomach is a bad idea in a world where candy bars are scarce commodities. Our world, however, is not lacking candy bars. Why wait for the second candy bar, when its likely you will be offered more candy bars tomorrow, or even later in the afternoon?

    To have a reputation

    I was watching Simpsons reruns on an average Friday afternoon when I got an IM from my old friend Kevin Montgomery (youve probably heard of himhes the goy.) Kevin asked me if I had seen The Hoot, and being the terrible columnist I am, I replied, Nope. He informed me that we were both in Michael Sitzmans Horseradish!