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    The History of SAF Funding

    Over the summer students saw the Student Activity Fee (SAF) of $157.50 broken up into two different line-items on their tuition bills one for Student Events totaling $35 and one for everything else of $122.50 funded by the SAF. This change created concerns from current and past Union Officers that the administration was trying to control how students spend the SAF. Some students also wondered if the SAF was meant to be independently controlled by the student body without any administrative oversight.
    In a multi-part series The Hoot will detail the ancient history of the SAF, more recent history, current reform efforts and finally student autonomy over the SAF.

    U.S. News drops Brandeis to 34

    Brandeis was ranked 34 by U.S. News and World Report magazine among the Nations Top Universities, dropping two places from last years rankings. Harvard and Princeton tied for first. Brandeis has been hovering in the 30s for some time now, fluctuating by one or two places each year, but never breaking into the top 25.

    Reinharz accidental email reply sparks off campus media coverage

    An email by University President Jehuda Reinharz inquiring of a students scholarship status was mistakenly sent to the student himself rather than Reinharzs Executive Assistant Dr. John Hose and has sparked an article in at least the Waltham Daily News-Tribune, inquiries by the Boston Globe and WRKO radio. The email exchange (reproduced in its entirety on page 3) began when Brian Snyder 05, who is president of the unofficial fraternity Sigma Alpha Mu, sent a scathing but error ridden email to Reinharz. Snyders email criticized Reinharz for the Universitys choice of Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Margaret Marshall as Commencement speaker.

    Interview with Jehuda Reinharz

    University Presiden Jehuda Reinharz talked to campus media on Thursday about an e-mail he accidently sent to Brian Snyder '05. His executive assistant sat in on the interview.

    BREAKING NEWS: Brandeis students unscathed in RIAA i2hub crackdown

    The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) announced Tuesday that it intends to file 405 lawsuits against students at 18 Universities for swapping music using i2hub, a popular file-sharing client used by thousands of students on dozens of college campuses. No Brandeis student has been named in the suit according to both University President Jehuda Reinharz and statements released by the RIAA. No more than 25 students per University were being sued.

    Party registration policy to be re-evaluated

    Calling the policy unreasonable, University President Jehuda Reinharz told The Hoot that he is looking into changing a Residence Life policy requiring students to register parties seven to ten days in advance of holding them.

    SMR system changed

    The Union Senate changed the Senate Money Request (SMR) system in a by-law passed by a vote of 12 to five at the March 20 Senate meeting. Previously, any club or person who needed funding could bring an SMR to the Senate requesting the funding. The newly passed by-law only allows Student Union officers and the members of Senate committees to bring SMRs. This means any club wishing to request money from the Senate must now get one of these individuals to do it for them.

    ModFest a success*

    Though three students were transported to Newton-Wellesley hospital with symptoms of alcohol poisoning, last Fridays ModFest was deemed a smashing success by Class of 2005 Senator Alex Amann 05.

    BTV amendment fails, receives 30% of vote

    BTVs proposal to increase its funding by over 150% by taking money from other Secured Organizations was roundly defeated in balloting on Wenesday and Thursday. The amendment, which needed the approval of 2/3 of voters, secured only 30.68 percent of the vote. Over 1000 students voted against the amendment in a record turnout.

    Feinberg elected Union President

    Jennifer Feinberg 07 was elected as Union President in the final phase of Round I elections on Thursday. Turnout for this election was 1660 students, or 53 percent of the student population, the largest number of students voting in recent memory. Feinberg beat her rival Alana Hamlett 06 by 87 votes.