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    BMSA prayer suite closed due to threats

    The Brandeis Muslim Student Associations (BMSA) prayer suite in lower Usdan was closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to several disturbing off-campus e-mails that BMSA members received related to Asra Nomanis appearance on campus.

    UJ rejects two BTV bids to fix amendment

    BTV, BEMCo and Waltham Group filed a petition with the Union Judiciary (UJ) late yesterday asking the UJ to modify the amendment that BTV had submitted to the Union. The amendment, which originally was to only take money from the Justice, Archon and WBRS in order to increase BTVs budget erroneously also took several hundred away from BEMCo and Waltham group.

    BTV vies for almost 150% budget increase

    Brandeis Television (BTV), a Secured media organization, has announced plans to put forth a constitutional amendment that, if passed, would more than double their guaranteed yearly Student Activities Fee allocation.

    FRC: NEJS cuts need more study

    The FRC recommended for the elimination of 2 FTEs in NEJS. However, they cautioned against eliminating other positions due to a lack of understanding of how the newly created Crown Center for Middle East Studies fits in with NEJS.

    FRC:Physics cuts unwise

    The FRC stated that Jaffes proposal to close down an important research focus [high energy physics] by eliminating 4 FTEs in Physics is unwise. The FRC talked at length about the research programs current benefits and the contributions Physics has made to Brandeis over the years, including at one point being the biggest department on campus.

    FRC: Dont cut music PhD yet

    The FRC recommended against eliminating the PhD program in Music at this time. They noted that the timing of this proposal was significant because the latest changes in Creative Arts at Brandeis, including the reformulation of the Theater Arts Department, may point to a veritable renaissance in the Arts at Brandeis.

    FRC: Dont cut ancient Greek

    The FRC strongly recommended against Jaffes proposal to eliminate the teaching of ancient Greek. The elimination of Greek would have profoundly negative consequences on the viability of the programs in the Department of Classical Studies and on studies in interconnected areas, the FRC wrote.

    FRC report calls for retainer of ancient Greek and most other proposed cuts

    The Faculty Review Committee (FRC) released its long anticipated report just prior to February break evaluating Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffes proposals to change the Brandeis Curriculum. The report will act as a recommendation to the Provost, Marty Krauss, on which, if any, of Jaffes proposed changes she should implement.

    Schlangel appoints task force to examine Union operations

    A new task force dubbed AMP, standing for, a more perfect…, has been formed to conduct a review of the Student Union, according to President Mark Schlangel 05. Former Union Secretary Danny Silverman 05 has been tapped to chair the committee, which is tasked with conducting a top-to-bottom review of the entire Union structure, including student government, secured organizations, and campus clubs.

    Snow storm delays Modfest, now may be held Feb. 12

    University classes were cancelled all day Monday and on Wednesday after 2 p.m. due to incliment weather resulting from over three total feet of snow being dumped on New England. Classes, however, were not the only thing effected by the snow. Modfest, which was scheduled to be held this Saturday, has been delayed.