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    Abdullah advisor speaks to The Hoot about joining NEJS faculty

    Come fall of 2006, Brandeis will welcome Dr. Joseph Lumbard into the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies department as a fulltime professor of Islamic Studies. Dr. Lumbard comes to the Brandeis community from the administration of King Abdullah of Jordan, where he currently serves as the advisor on interfaith affairs to the king.

    King Abdullahs advisor to teach at Brandeis

    An advisor to a Middle-Eastern monarch will teach at Brandeis in fall of 2006. Joseph Lumbard will leave his post as Jordanian King Abdullahs advisor on interfaith affairs to join the Near Eastern and Judaic Studies department as a professor of Islamic studies.

    Brandeis alums open book store on Moody Street

    This past September, recent Brandeis graduates Ezra Sternstein 04 and Alex Green 04 attended an end of the summer barbeque, where they realized that they were unsure of their futures. During a conversation about their daunting unemployment, the two friends stumbled upon the idea of opening a small bookstore on Moody Street. Their plans took off and Back Pages Books is scheduled to open this Monday, April 18.

    Lack of alarm clock no excuse with wake-up call system

    It all started about a year and a half ago when Matthew Sachs was sitting in Shapiro Campus Center with a friend when Class of 2005 Senator Becky Fromer 05 approached with the idea of implementing a wakeup call service on the new Brandeis phone system. Sachs was immediately interested in this idea, and set out to research and create such a program, which he managed to complete on a train ride from New York.