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    Dave Ostrowsky

    In memoriam of Seth Roberts

    Late August 2002. I’m bouncing around the first floor Renfield dormitory, trying to get settled in before Orientation. I don’t remember a lot from that sweaty first day but I do recall one soon-to-be hallmate who was about a head taller (or more) than the rest of us Brandeisians. I figured that he was about […]

    Coach Amanda DeMartino

    We kind of had a feeling that college basketball hadn't seen the last of Amanda DeMartino. The playing component was obviously done for good this winter with graduation looming and now past, but there were a plethora of ways DeMartino could stay involved. One of those was coaching, which is exactly why she recently agreed to be the Northwood women's basketball coach.

    My Maine fascination with Bowdoin

    BRUNSWICK,ME- Admit it. We've all made our fair share of jokes about Maine. The state best known for lobster and lighthouses is dismissed by many as Americas northern wasteland. How many times have we heard uhh whats in Maine? However, the state that has brought us Liv Tyler, George (not W.) Bush and Stephen King also has a little pride for their local collegiate teams.

    Dual triumphs

    In a heavily contested bout versus rival NYU, both the mens and womens fencing teams came out with 14-13 wins to capture the UAA championships. Never before in Brandeis history have the mens and womens teams both knocked off NYU.

    Men have been road warriors as of late

    Steve DeLucas 08 Sunday afternoon performances continue to outdo themselves. The trend continued last Sunday in Cleveland, where the Judges rode DeLucas 08 career high 35 to a 74-70 overtime triumph over Case Western Reserve.

    On track for success

    The Tufts Invitational was not the most important meet for the Judges this season, hence the underachieving performance from some of its members.

    Sports recap

    We send a hoot out to Coleen Donnely 08 for being the runner-up in the Number Two Singles Match in the New England Womens Intercollegiate tennis tournament.

    Women's Hoops

    The Brandeis Womens Hoops squad loses the third leading scorer in school history in Danielle Fitzpatrick. Not to mention Jayne Wise. Yet they are expected to surpass their already impressive win total of 22 games from the 03-04 crusade. This is where Emily Malkin and Catherine Brady come in.

    OSTROWSKY: Ten things to change about Deis athletics

    If I were the director of Brandeis athletics for a day, I would…

    Pro athletes featured attraction at Brandeis sports show

    Patriots Day is officially April 18th. For the Brandeis/Waltham community Patriots Day was this past Sunday at Gosman Arena. Current and former Patriots players including Ty Warren, Vince Wilfork, Roosevelt Colvin and Doug Flutie were present on this final afternoon of the three day long autograph and memorabilia show. The Brandeis womens basketball team sponsored this event through Amanda DeMartinos dad, Bob, who is the co-president of ABN Sports. Sports ID, one of the top Boston sports marketing agencies, represented the players involved.