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November 2012 Issue

Lawrence Attends Israeli Alum Event, Amid Cease-Fire

University President Frederick Lawrence and his wife Kathy attended a Brandeis alumni reception in Israel last Wednesday. The reception coincided with the Israeli ceasefire with Hamas that many celebrated after eight long days of violence. The reception, meant to celebrate the unique bond shared between the university and Israel, was also attended by the United […]

Thanksgiving break reminds affected students of storm destruction

Thanksgiving break, usually a week when college students enjoy time with family and friends, was different this year for many Brandeis students from the Northeast. Many students from New York and New Jersey went home and found themselves dealing with the lasting damage from the storm Sandy. Some students only noticed minimal damage in their […]

Men’s basketball wins Big Four Tournament

After a disappointing opening loss against Rhode Island College in the first game of the season, the men’s basketball team has rebounded nicely, winning their last four games to improve their record to 4-1 in the early stages of the season. In the Big Four Tournament, the Judges defeated Tufts 84-69 and then won against […]

Stoker ’13 wins Marshall scholarship

As only the fourth Brandeis student awarded the prestigious Marshall Scholarship, Elizabeth Stoker ’13 prepares to continue her commitment to community service abroad, pursuing graduate studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Recognizing the distinct opportunities that will emerge during her studies abroad, Stoker anticipates “surveying the different programs of social welfare” while exploring […]

‘Non-Reality’ showcases a myriad of Brandeis talent

What is so great about the real world? This is the question posed by “Non-Reality,” a new play written by Brandeis student Emma Lieberman ’14 that was performed the weekend of Nov. 17. The answer, it turns out, does not come easily. The production starts out innocent enough, but eventually arrives at an ambiguous and […]

Reflections on the most successful women’s soccer season in school history

The clock struck midnight two games early for the Brandeis women’s soccer team. After a season of ups and downs and a foundation built upon their staunch defense, the Judges’ season came to a close against the Misericordia Cougars in the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament. The Judges tied their school record for most […]

Bellin comments on judicial tension with Morsi in Egypt

Nearly two years after the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian people once again flood Tahrir Square, this time in protest of their new president, Mohamed Morsi. On Nov. 22, Morsi announced that his decisions were above judicial review by the nation’s constitutional court. The decree followed highly successful political tactics where he helped […]

Brandeis Debate ranked second at APDA

Ranked just behind Yale, Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society, is now second in the American Parliamentary Debate Society (APDA). The debate class, acronymed BADASS, outranks Harvard, Johns Hopkins and American University. The APDA is a national conference in which 50 other highly-ranked university teams debate using a structure loosely based on the British Parliament. […]

Dylan nixed, possibility of festival still on table

Bob Dylan has been cut from the set list for next semester’s proposed festival. While the event is still likely to occur, it will no longer be called the 50th Anniversary Bob Dylan Folk Festival, as student organizers had planned. While there are still talks going on to bring Dylan to campus next fall, the […]

Graphic design club helps student artists express themselves

As a recent acquisition to the Brandeis community, the Graphic Design Club merges artistic capabilities with crucial technical skills to design marketing tools such as flyers, logos and apparel for a diverse assemblage of organizations across campus. Explaining her passion for graphic design, current president Diane Somlo ’15 likens the process to a puzzle, in […]