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February 2009 Issue

P.O.D. Store uniquely green

The student body wasa greeted by a new fixture in Usdan, the P.O.D. Store upon returning to campus last fall. While some bemoaned the new name, most were happy with the new, cleaner, shinier and better-stocked campus convenience store. What students may not have known, however, is that the P.O.D., which stands for “Provisions on […]

Editorial: Finance students first

Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement Nancy Winship recently explained that her department will refocus its fund-raising efforts on financial aid in response to the growing concerns families have about their abilities to pay private-school tuition. While her department has always presented financial aid donations as an option, at times, the prospect of seeing a […]

Editorial: Once a student, always a stakeholder

“Transparency, transparency, transparency now” read a sign posted in Olin-Sang during a protest of a closed faculty meeting held Jan. 22. The student protesters knew the faculty and the administration were discussing major issues affecting Brandeis and they wanted a voice in the process. Four days later, university President Jehuda Reinharz sent an e-mail informing […]

Book of Matthew: Panic in the Red States: Conservatives spreading false rumors about reform

The fact that the Democrats’ $787 billion stimulus plan is now law—despite near-unanimous Republican opposition—has sent conservatives all over the country into a panicked frenzy. And they’re not panicking quietly either. No, they’ve shifted into no-holds-barred fear-mongering mode. There are few better examples than that of Betsy McCaughey, former Republican lieutenant governor of New York. […]

Attention over Rose may help Brandeis

The Rose Art Museum controversy may actually be a blessing for Brandeis. Before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. No one, the Brandeis administration included, wants to see to the museum closed and the art sold off. No one wants to see Brandeis portrayed negatively in major news publications such as the Boston […]

Sacrificing sugar for Lent

Over break, I spent most of my time rocking out to Taylor Swift with my seven-year-old brother (we like “You Belong With Me” and, of course, “Love Story”). But aside from that sad and frequent display, I cooked. I cooked a lot (want some muffins?). I have two large, lovely burns on my hand from […]

Borde-nough: What an opportunity to save money!

What an opportunity! In the near future, the United States government may find itself needing to print some of the money that it’s committing itself to spending but doesn’t have. At the same time, print newspapers– or, at least, print newspapers supported by subscribers and advertisers– are reducing the physical size of their product, laying […]

Shopping for Truth: Sticking out with a pink coat

When I was in middle school, the last thing I wanted to do was stick out. I didn’t want people to take too much notice of my wardrobe because that was a problem, as any fifth grader can tell you. Lucky for me, that wasn’t much of a problem. You see, I went to eight […]

Recession-proof your job search

Do you remember the movie, Hollow Man , starring Kevin Bacon that came out a few years ago? It did ok at the box office, but not great. It had wonderful special effects, but the story line is a bit thin. If you are unfamiliar with the film, you can probably guess the plot. Kevin […]

Health Occupation Students of America host life-saving CPR classes

On a rainy Sunday afternoon over February break, four Brandeis students gathered in Lown Auditorium. As Priyanka Chilakamarri ’11 bent over the floor, she carefully administered chest compressions and rescue breaths to the CPR mannequin. Certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation instructor Dan Saxe ’12 stood at a diagonal angle to Chilakamarri and watched closely, questioning her to […]