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Strange but true

Published: January 26, 2007
Section: News

Jimi Hendrix energy drink in the works

According to the Associated Press, Beverage Concepts will soon market non-alocoholic drinks, nicknamed “Liquid Experience.”

It is named after the Jimi Hendrix album Are you experienced? Meanwhile, some Hendrix fans are not thrilled to see their hero being reduced to a drink.

“To see his image and the beautiful feelings it has created during my lifetime cheapened by base advertising… is very disappointing to me,” Michael Balzary, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, told the Associated Press.

Proceeds of the Hendrix drink, according to Beverage Concepts Chief Executive Josh Glass, will be partially donated to an unidentified music education foundation.

The drink will debut in April.


Juror drinks vodka during trial

According to the Associated Press, a juror in Lousville, Kentucky had been sipping vodka throughout a whole trial. The drinking was such a disturbance that the judge ordered a completely new trial.

“The inexcusable, disruptive behavior of this juror was so extraordinary as to render this relief appropriate,” Jefferson County Circuit Judge Geoffrey Morris told the Associated Press.

The jury foreman had apparently told Morris that the juror was disruptive during deliberations. The juror had become so inebriated that she could not participate.

The juror had been drinking a clear liquid, thought to be water, but later discovered to be vodka.

The woman's husband picked her up from the courthouse, so the juror would not be drinking and driving.

The case involved a woman claiming she was injured by a garbage truck running into her car.