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January 2007 Issue

Mayim Steps, Maxie Fords, and Much, Much More!

The spring semester is a busy time for the dance teams of Brandeis University. All of them are gearing up for their big shows, which fall from February to early April. BYachad (Israeli dance), Hooked on Tap (H.O.T.), and Adagio have the largest performances and showcase some of the best dancers on campus. Knowing this, these shows are not to be missed.

Hussein execution end of unique era

In what was probably the single most bungled moment of the War in Iraq, Saddam Hussein was executed a few weeks ago, ending a unique era for both American History and our young generation as a whole. For 15 years, Hussein was the personification of evil, and even though his demise is by no means undeserved, it is nevertheless strange to think of a world without him existing as the de-facto bogeyman of sorts to the American people. But even during his execution, Saddam remained the same defiant and scowling presence that he has been throughout his lifespan within our shared psyche, while the image and definition of what Iraq means to the average American has changed significantly in less than five years.

What’sGoin’On? BBSOstagesaKwanzaacoup

What happens when students planning a celebration abandon the tried-and-true formula? What if ambition overreaches against long odds? What if its staged two days before finals in a hall thats a little too large? And just what is Kwanzaa anyway?

Its the show that stole the semester…

Union Updates

-The Student Union, along with several other groups, held a discussion forum the day after the Carter and Dershowitz speeches occurred. I feel a lot students got overwhelmed with information, and needed an outlet for it, said Director of Communications Brian Paternostro 07. The event was moderated by Father Walter Cuenin of the Chaplaincy.

Capra named UAA player of the week

Jaime Capra, a junior guard for the Brandeis University womens basketball team has been named the UAA player of the week, on January 22. This is the second time this season the New Jersey native has received the honor, while it also marks the fourth time in her career.

A new Brandeis? Reflections on a maturing university

Last April, when the Brandeis Administration choose to censor the Palestinian Childrens Art exhibit Voices of Palestine, many students felt troubled by the Universitys inability to face and debate the difficult issue surrounding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The Justice editorial board declared the removal of the art exhibit a shame and an unfortunate step in the wrong direction. Additionally, an Arab student, during a fallout sensitivity meeting held by the Ethics Center days after the controversy erupted, declared that he no longer felt like Brandeis was his home.

Upcoming live acts give plenty of reason to leave the house

Staying indoors during the winter is a must for many, so what better way to do so than to take in a few of the many upcoming concerts in the Boston area? Students wishing to see their favorite bands or just great live acts have plenty of choices in the next few months. Perhaps the kicker is that many of these concerts are dirt cheap with artists full of talent.

Just pass on Jake’s

I decided to check out Jakes after reading a great review;

sadly, that review was just about as accurate as Rolling Stone calling The Blair Witch Project the scariest movie ever made…

Sex Shops: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

Q: I am looking to buy a sex toy and Ive heard a lot about these new feminist sex stores. Can you tell me more about them? —– A: There has been a great deal of buzz over the new phenomenon of feminist sex stores spreading quickly across the country, or at least on both […]

When slacking is too much work

So, the thing is…I dont really feel like doing any work this semester. Ive been mentally struggling with this strong inclination for a few weeks now. Who knew being lazy would take so much effort?