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Just pass on Jake’s

Published: January 26, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Jakes Dixie Roadhouse
220 Moody St (781) 894-4227

Rating: 1.5/5 martinis

I decided to check out Jakes after reading a great review;

sadly, that review was just about as accurate as Rolling Stone calling The Blair Witch Project the scariest movie ever made.


With an eye towards a gourmet spin on BBQ and comfort food, Jakes Dixie Roadhouse has an acceptably diverse menu, offering entre salads, sandwiches, BBQ platters and entrees. Especially unique are their innovative appetizers, such as grit cakes, fried pickles and chicken livers, that you wont find at your average BBQ joint. Jakes Dixie Roadhouse also offers deserts, like fried twinkies.


These appetizers seem great for the adventurous spirit. Ever had a fried pickle before? Well this is your opportunity to try one. What about grit cakes with chipotle-corn gravy? Sadly, while these appetizers may seem cool in concept, the more exotic of the appetizers left me a little sick. The grit-cakes were a touch too spicy, the frickles tasted like pickles left out in the sun too long, and the southwestern egg rolls were so dry that they were difficult to even chew.


Jakes Dixie Roadhouse offers a number of dinner options. Particularly interesting are the Tex Cobb Salad, Texas Ruben, and the Spare Ribs. The portions are huge with the entrees including baked beans, coleslaw, cornbread, and watermelon. The beans and coleslaw are fantastic and the fries crispy and delicious. On my trip to the roadhouse I had a little trouble deciding what to order, so I went with the standby of a pulled pork sandwich. What a disappointment! The bun was soggy, the pork fatty, and the whole dish a little cold. Also, you are forced to sauce the meat yourself, a struggle for the BBQ challenged.


Jakes Dixie Roadhouse tries to be your authentic BBQ place and has a very elbows on the table, country feel. The dcor is wooden and kitschy and features a huge TV. Blues and country music also helped set the scene. Adding to the country bumpkin atmosphere was our waitress, who Im pretty sure was a little drunk and one time stumbled out of the kitchen with tissue paper tied around her head. Also, make sure not to be seated by the window or youll end up a little chilly.

Delivery Service:

No delivery, but take-out is an option. Although I would not suggest it, as they cant even keep the eat-in meals warm.


Jakes Dixie Roadhouse isnt a fortune, but certainly isnt a good value. The appetizers will run you around $8-$10, salads/sandwiches $8-$12 and entrees $12-$25. Bison County offers similar food but is much less expensive and infinitely better.