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January 2007 Issue

Carter misrepresents the facts

In an attempt to be upstanding citizens, we must educate ourselves about the great problems facing the world. One of them is the Israeli-Arab conflict, which Mr. Carters visit this week addressed. This conflict is one with a long history, which many have tried to place within a historical context in an attempt to understand how it can be solved. For the majority of modern Israels existence, the prevailing theory has been in terms of the Cold War, with Israel supported by the U.S. and the Arabs by the U.S.S.R.

Women fly over scrappy Eagles

Coming into this past weekend, with a losing conference record and on the heels of a disappointing loss at home, it was imperative that the Judges recover and show that they could bounce back. Not only bounce back but win convincingly if they wanted to keep the goal of advancing to the NCAAs alive. They managed to do so with victories against Case Western and Emory.

Skiing takes second

Continuing with the successes that they have been experiencing all season, the Brandeis Ski Team posted another outstanding performance this weekend. The team was able to rank themselves 2nd overall in their division out of the 8 teams present at the competition this Saturday. The race took place in Ascutney, New Hampshire and the Brandeis athletes competed in the Slalom race. It is hoped that this performance and others will soon increase Brandeis standing in the Collegiate ski rankings.

The sorry state of the NHL

I love hockey. I love the jerseys, I love the speed, I love the excitement, the stick handling, the shots, the general lunch pail demeanor of the players and the goal tending equipment. Were halfway through the second season of hockey since the lockout wiped out 2004-05 and there is no nice way to put ithockey is in terrible shape. Almost every team has attendance problems, the Los Angeles Times stopped providing regular hockey coverage of the local teams and league wide exposure in general is awful. Even worse is that the people in charge dont seem to know how to right the ship.

F-Board grants travel, housing subsidies

The Student Union Finance Board recently announced in its Treasurer Manual that it now has the discretion to subsidize transportation and lodging costs for student-run clubs. According to the Manual, transportation subsidies are available to both competitive and non-competitive clubs, while lodging subsidies are only available to competitive clubs.

Students unable to find many books at Brandeis Bookstore

Recently, more professors and students have been choosing not to purchase their textbooks at the Brandeis University Bookstore, a Barnes and Noble affiliate. Instead, they order books from alternative sources, such as Back Pages Books, an independent bookstore owned by Brandeis alumnus Alex Green. More of my teachers this year didnt even order stuff from the bookstore, said Hannah Edber, 09. Aliye Melton, 09, agreed. For the first time this year, I had a Professor order from Back Pages she stated. Said graduate student Aung Lwin, I only go to the bookstore in an urgent situation.

Brandeis Chaplaincy Calls for Peace Vigils

The four heads of the Brandeis Chaplaincy have called for weekly peace vigils, which will begin Tuesday afternoon and will continue weekly until the end of hostilities in Iraq.

Hoot announces new editorial board

The Brandeis Hoot began the spring semester by announcing a brand-new editorial board. Andy Meyers 08 and Lauren Stein 08 have succeeded Heather Zajdel 07 as Editors-in-Chief, Jordan Rothman 09 has replced Graham Dobereiner 07 as Managing Editor, David Pepose 08 has supplanted Pat Garofalo 08 as News Editor, and Clarissa Stark 08 has taken on Stein's former job as Culture Editor.

The Hoot predicts NFL Championship Sunday

This week in football, the final two teams in the NFC and AFC meet to see who will be making a trip to South Beach and Super Bowl XLI on February 4…

The Hoot’s spring 2007 undergraduate theatre preview

As the students of Brandeis return to campus in unseasonably warm weather for the start of another semester, the assorted undergraduate theatre groups are gearing up for their spring seasons. So, what can audiences expect to see grace Brandeiss all-undergrad stages this semester? How does murder, mayhem, warped fairly tales, English Renaissance drama, a North American premiere, a rap musical, and more sound?