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Brandeis Chaplaincy Calls for Peace Vigils

Published: January 26, 2007
Section: News

The four heads of the Brandeis Chaplaincy have called for weekly peace vigils, which will begin Tuesday afternoon and will continue weekly until the end of hostilities in Iraq.

Were going to do it every week from not, until whenever it ends, said Father Walter Cuenin. We felt that there seems to be almost no reference to Iraq on the campus, and Ive been told from other campus administrators around that this seems to be true at many universities.

It entails people coming together for a few reflective minutes each week to call to mind that while many of us have different kinds of concerns on being at war, to share some contemplative time to reflect on that and to share together a hope for peace, said Rabbi Alan Lehmann.

The vigils, which are open to people of all faiths and political ideologies, will last for twenty minutes each, beginning at 12:10pm and lasting until 12:30pm, outside of the Usdan Student Center.

The war seems to be getting worse, and now that its escalating in terms of troops, we would have a vigil in solidarity with those who have been hurt notnot only for our own armed forces, but also for the people of Iraqand hoping for a speedy and just resolution, said Cuenin.

Still, these vigils are not meant to act as a political soapbox, the Chaplaincy has said. Its not a programmatic or political gathering, said Rabbi Lehmann. Were not coming together to advocate a particular policy. He added that I dont think this is going to be a time for speeches.

Its just standing in solidarity for peace its open to anyone. You can be a republican or a democrat;

you can be a believer in God or an atheisteveryone is welcome, Cuenin added. We just hope that it will serve as a weekly reminder to us of the war that is going on, and the urge to do whatever we do to make peace.