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When slacking is too much work

Published: January 26, 2007
Section: Opinions

So, the thing is…I dont really feel like doing any work this semester. Ive been mentally struggling with this strong inclination for a few weeks now. Who knew being lazy would take so much effort?

Things werent like this last semester. Last semester, I still felt like I had a whole academic year to go;

the light hadnt yet appeared at the end of the tunnel. And maybe that was a good thing, at least for my effort level and perhaps my grades, too. But once winter break set in, I really started thinking, Im so close. My mindset shifted towards the job search, resumes, burning my dorm room comforter and learning how to actually cook. I got into the post-college groove a little bit, and I liked it. Then, I found myself back in Waltham in mid-January.

Socially, I am definitely enjoying my last semester of college. But for some reason, returning to campus this time around, I just felt like passing on all of the work. Normally I dont harbor such feelings of disgust for nightly readings and little 3-5 page papers, but I think I have officially hit my limit. Everyone says that second semester seniors are allowed to slack off;

weve come this far–a few Bs wont kill our GPAs. I enjoy basking in this kind of acceptable laziness, but at the same time, I dont think it meshes well with my personality.

I have certainly become a lot more relaxed and less of an overachiever since high school. Ive never stressed over reading every chapter word for word, taking meticulous notes or attending every single class session. But Im a good student overall, and Ive found it hard to adjust to accepting senioritis full force. Every time Im tempted to put down my book and turn on the TV, that little angel on my shoulder whispers into my ear You know, you might need to know that later…think of all the tuition money your parents are shelling out…you could have watched the Food Network all day at home for free…

I really want to be able to ignore some of the reading assignments that dont seem to be all that significant. I want to do what I have to do to get by;

I want to know what I need to know for the midterms and the finals and let everything else slide. And Ive been trying to do this. Ive been acting like the second semester senior that I am. At the same time though, I find myself spending more time worrying that Im missing vital information that Ill need that it would take to actually do the work itself. Ive been IMing with fellow classmates furiously, discussing what percentage of the pages well actually skim over, and do you think thats ok? Are you sure we wont need that for the exam? Well be fine, right?

Part of me wants to have the peace of mind of maintaining stellar study habits right through to the very end. Part of me wants to enjoy the heightened status that everyone seems to believe weve earned over the past seven semesters. So Im not exactly sure how itll go from here. Most likely Ill slack off a considerable amount, but not nearly as much as the lazy little devil on my shoulder would like me to. Put that book down, he says, what are you, crazy? Youre outta here…and Iron Chefs on! Sometimes Ill block him out, but sometimes Ill heed his advice. Because really, sometimes Iron Chef is better than school work.