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November 2013 Issue

Death Grips Stick to Strengths With Free Album

I’m going to preface this review with the following statement: I don’t really get the indie music community’s obsession with Death Grips. The first time I heard of the Sacramento-based industrial-hip-hop-experiment-group-thing was at the 2012 Coachella Festival. It was the middle of a very long and extremely hot day, and I had just finished an […]

Men’s soccer advances to Sweet Sixteen for second-straight year

The Brandeis men’s soccer team had an impressive performance this weekend, winning both the first and second round of the NCAA Division III tournament on the home field. Several fans gathered to witness the Judges dominate Saturday’s game against Johnson & Wales 3-0 and then outplay Roger Williams in a 1-0 match on Sunday. With […]

Alum brings Chinese comedy to campus

After graduating from Brandeis with an IGS degree, Jesse Appell ’12 spent a year in China on a Fulbright Scholarship, studying and performing the unique form of Chinese comedy known as Xiangsheng. On Nov. 12, Appell returned to his alma mater to share his talents and experiences at the Brandeis Chinese Cultural Connection’s (BC3) annual […]

Graduating early offers more benefits than drawbacks

When people ask what school year I’m in, I’m left deciding between senior year and senior semester. I usually go with the route of senior year out of ease, but if I am particularly in the mood to converse, will add on a quick, “But I graduate in December.” Typically I am met with the […]

‘Worm’ a predictable but entertaining web novel

“Worm” is a serialized web novel by an author who goes by the pseudonym Wildbow about an introverted teenage girl Taylor who gains superpowers. There is even an indestructible cheerleader a la Hayden Panettiere from “Heroes.” The characters, however, don’t have much depth. The main character is bullied “Mean Girls” style, and interactions with the […]

Polishing the American Dream: Happy Hands screening shares the Vietnamese immigrant story

“The nail industry is composed of up to 45 to 50 percent of Vietnamese immigrants,” Honey Lauren estimates, tucking a long strand of her curly hair behind her ear. Taking a pause to reposition her crossed legs, Lauren––the director of “Happy Hands”––proceeds, “and less than one percent of them know this story.” The story Lauren […]

Despite continued service, Reinharz pay excessive

Recently, the Boston Globe published a front page article bringing national attention to a subject we at the Hoot have been commenting on for years: the outrageous compensation given to retiring leaders of Brandeis. In the most recent example Brandeis’ President Emeritus Jehuda Reinharz receives an unusually high compensation from the University. In exchange for […]

Women’s basketball is 1-2 after tough losses

The women’s basketball team had a rough start to the season, going 1-2. They defeated Mount Ida College on Friday but lost to Colby College on Saturday and Roger Williams University on Tuesday. The team’s first two games of the season were part of the Brandeis Invitational Tip-Off Tourney. Mount Ida, Colby and Eastern Nazarene […]

FDA intervenes in Princeton meningitis outbreak

Princeton University is fighting through a bout of meningitis type B—a disease without an approved vaccine available in the U.S. Six students and one visitor have contracted the disease since March. All individuals but the most recent case, which began on Nov. 8, have recovered. This strain of the bacteria is not the one commonly […]

True Confessions of a Netflix Addict: ‘Legend of Korra’ finale as enthralling as its prequel

It was a normal Friday afternoon. I was sitting with my boyfriend, discussing our very typical Brandeisian plans for the night—going to the 99, buying some Ben and Jerry’s in the C-Store and maybe relaxing in Grad. At the end of our Fridays, we usually watch the new episode of the “Legend of Korra” with […]