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    Amelia Liebhold

    Traying costs Aramark 100s of trays

    While students chose many ways to enjoy recent snow days, one popular past time that continued was sledding. It is widely known that the best ad hoc sled for a college student is a cafeteria tray. Theft of trays by Brandeis students for sledding purposes costs Aramark thousands of dollars each year. These costs are passed on to students in dining fees.

    PERSPECTIVE: Inauguration evokes passions

    This past Wednesday brought forth two strong and contrasting beliefs of mine: I am a leftist Democrat (although on the Brandeis political spectrum, Im a little closer to the center) and I revere the office of the Presidency. Before the November elections, I worked hard to elect John Kerry, unfortunately to no avail. However, my love for politics did not stop there.

    New Hiatt director appointed

    Martin Ford was hired last October as new director of the Hiatt Career Center. Previously, he was Dean of Cooperative Education and Career Services at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Former Hiatt director of fifteen years Meryl Glatt-Rader left abruptly last year under unclear circumstances.