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January 2005 Issue

Meal plan options poorly thought out

Typically when students return home for a break or vacation, one of the first questions they are asked by their relatives is about the schools food. While each student might have a vastly different opinion regarding the quality of the food at Brandeis, many would agree that the system of purchasing food at Brandeis should undergo significant changes. I feel that there are several flaws to the meal plan system, especially for freshmen like myself, and there are possible ways that the situation can be improved for everyone.

LETTER: Freshman limbo to be cherished;

To the Editor: In response to the college maturity article from last weeks issue (College not the holy grail of maturity, page 3), I would like to provide another argument on the topic that college students, at least in my observation at Brandeis, are dysfunctionally immature. The claim that college students are more immature and […]

WRITER'S BLOCK: 'Hot' perhaps an acquired taste

Last week, as I was dutifully partaking of my usual procrastination activity of scouring my buddy list for funny/entertaining/informative away messages, I came across a link in the profile of a friend who attends Boston University. The link read We are hot. Understandably, I was intrigued. Whos hot? I had to click.

COLUMN: Brandeis, the holy grail of fun

Poop. Yes, I began an article with the word poop. This is, no doubt, because I am a college student. Wait. College students use the word poop? Well, a couple years ago I would have never thought the word poop would be a college favorite. But after coming to school a year and a half ago, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of immaturity one can find at an institution of higher education. Especially one as academically rigorous and pretentious – oh Im sorry, I meant prestigious, as Brandeis.
In high school, everyone wants to be mature. Why? Mature kids do better on their SATs and do better in interviews. They smell better too. They get into colleges like Swarthmore and Princeton. They are vegetarians and are well informed about politics and MSG. The mature kids go Ivy, the stupid kids go nowhere, and the smart but immature ones end up here.

Women's bball #3 in nation

The temperature may be dropping outside these days, but inside Red Aurebach Arena the Brandeis womens basketball team has things sizzling. The women enter this weekend with a perfect 13-0 record and are currently ranked third in the latest Division Three womens basketball poll.

Fac. Committee to release "deliberative" report on Jaffe's proposals Feb. 15

The Faculty Review Committee (FRC), established by Provost Marty Krauss in consultation with the Council of the Faculty Senate, is responsible for reviewing Dean of Arts and Sciences Adam Jaffes proposals to change various curricula within arts and sciences. The release of its report on Jaffes proposals will be followed by a two week public comment period.

Movie, discussion honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Intercultural Center and the Student Union presented a screening of the film Boycott at the Shapiro Theater, followed by talk from Prof. Gordon Fellman (SOC) about the effects of the civil rights struggles on the Brandeis community, and how those struggles continue in the present.

Column: Observations of an ex-minority

Now that the semester is back in swing, we have all had time to process this past holiday season. Looking back, I realized that this year there was something a little different about December.

Column: College not the holy grail of maturity

Before going to college, two wise prophets (otherwise known as my parents) gave me some valuable information. They told me that there are very weird people in the world, especially in college. After experiencing four traumatizing years of high school, I didnt think that college could be anything less than a miracle. However, after four months here, Ive realized that there are so many things that Ive learned that I wish I didnt know.

Union creates alcohol fund

At your next student event, drinks might be courtesy of a surprising source: the Student Union. Recently, the Union announced its decision to set up a fund specifically designated for funding alcohol at student events.