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    Sarah Green

    Happy to have been, happy to leave

    So the time has finally come for me to write the mandatory goodbye column. As I look around at my fellow 07-ers, it is obvious that there are two type of seniors: those who are clinging to their last days of college life, and those who cant wait to get the hell out. I would certainly count myself among the latter. Ill be thrilled the moment that I get to fling my mortarboard in the air, take the celebratory family photo and move on.

    What to do with an English major

    I am a senior, and it is job search season. Im also an English major. I can see the sidelong glances of pity already…

    When a haircut makes the evening news

    You know when youre driving along the highway and you hit a huge line of traffic? Then you proceed to sit for what seems like forever. When you finally get going, you realize that, three-quarters of a mile up ahead, there was an accident on the side of the road. It wasnt blocking the flow of traffic, but the whole 45 minute delay was because everyone kept on slowing down to indulge their interest. They wanted to see what the fuss was about. The curiosity factor they call it. It might be ugly or distasteful, but you just cant look away. That is exactly the way I felt last week at home watching celebrity news coverage on TV.

    Taking Cupid for everything he’s worth

    Every year at this time I write about how much I love Valentines Day. So, Ill say it again: I love Valentines Day. I know that it is one of those holidays that some of us girls absolutely hate for various reasons, and others just adore. I would certainly count myself among the latter.

    When slacking is too much work

    So, the thing is…I dont really feel like doing any work this semester. Ive been mentally struggling with this strong inclination for a few weeks now. Who knew being lazy would take so much effort?

    Just refusing to jump the gun

    As a second semester senior, Im sure some people would anticipate todays article to be about my mixed feelings upon coming to the end of my college career, the final semester, the last first day. I mean, we are heading towards a pretty important milestone, and spring 2007 feels a lot like sliding right into home plate. So I could write about all those feelings of excitement about the next step, anxiety about my ability to succeed in the world, fears of failure.

    Taking a page out of the guys’ book

    Sometimes I wish I were a guy.

    Hey baby, whats your IQ?

    If you are in tune with all of the highly crucial aspects of modern dating culture, you must know all about JDate–the singles network for Jews. If not, it isnt too complex. At, for just a small monthly fee, Jews from across the country can register for an account, fill out a profile, and post pictures of themselves in hopes of scoring a nice Jewish boy or girl to bring home to mom and dad. A typical form of 21st century courtship. How romantic.

    How to not get fat at college

    Weve all heard of the infamous freshman fifteen – those extra pounds that many will gain within their first year at college. It is easy to let our eating habits slide in this environment, where beer runs freely on the weekends and we all have the Dominos delivery number tacked securely to our bulletin boards. Unfortunately, the freshman fifteen doesnt melt away come sophomore year. Many people fail to ever lose that weight, carrying it over into their post-college lives.

    Working hard at hardly working

    Now that were safely a month into the school year, I thought it was about time to give the freshmen some sound words of advice on how to steer their academic careers. Perhaps some of you are overwhelmed with the amount of work that has been piled on in the last few weeks and you arent sure quite how youre going to survive. Most likely, many of you are the studious, over-achieving types who want to ensure the best grades and stellar GPAs. I used to be just like that, so rest assured that this wisdom comes from a knowing source. As a now reformed over-achiever, I am taking it upon myself to let you in on a few very important tips. (Keep in mind, this is coming from an English major. Science people can throw my advice straight out the window. Good luck with the MCATS.)