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    Sarah Green

    Exploring new Lifestyles

    I have a confession to make: I now know what goes on down there in Lifestyles on Moody.

    Off-campus living: Ready or not?

    Over the past few weeks, there have been more than a few instances in Usdan when a friend of mine will turn to me say say, Do you know anyone in here?

    Raising the Brandeis Bar

    Brandeis is accepting students who are smarter, more motivated and more prepared than ever. Hooray for that. But still it makes me wonder, why do college applicants annually seem to be getting smarter, their applications heftier?

    The cling factor

    I have always prided myself on the fact that I am not a girlie girl. Yes, I know Ive stated a few times that I like the color pink and sparkly things and shopping. So in some senses, ok, I am indeed a girlie girl. But I do have one rule that I try to enforce at all times: dont be a clingy girlfriend. To be a clingy girl is, in my opinion, the kiss of death, or at least the kiss of a doomed relationship.

    The bank of Mom and Dad: closed for business

    When were young our parents try to instill in us the value of a dollar. Some parents assigned chores in exchange for a monthly or weekly allowance. Five bucks to take out the trash, ten to do the dishes. Some opened up savings accounts where our birthday money was deposited every year. Whatever the strategy may be, most parents attempt to prepare their children for that day when they are officially cut off from the parental money tree. There may be some lucky ones among us whose parents continue to provide unlimited access to their credit card through the college years, but I am certainly not among them.

    The housing lottery: from riches to rags

    At this time last year, I was singing a very different tune. Very different, indeed. How many different cliches can I use to express this? Bad karma? What goes around comes around? Payback is a bitch? Any of them will do. What am I talking about? It probably isnt too hard to guess. The housing lottery.

    The 21 Club

    I was born in August. Although I should appreciate my summertime birthday for the warm and commitment-less days it has afforded me to celebrate, it has always been kind of a drag. Having a so-called off-season birthday has been a let down for a number of reasons.

    Fresh Perspectives on Dating

    Ok girls, lets be honest. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think that most of us want a boyfriend. Part of us wholeheartedly believes in that I dont need a guy to be happy mantra, while the other part looks with a mixture of jealousy and longing at those couples who hold hands while walking around campus. (At the same time, let me also condemn those who feel the need to express their carnal affection by the salad bar in Usdan;

    we all know these couples and I dont think any of us want to see it!) So, if so many are looking why is it that not so many are finding?

    Girls for Sale?

    I look forward to Louis Louis Week every year for two reasons. The first: The buttons they hand out on Rabb steps. I happily added the I Got Physical on Rabb pin to my growing collection.

    Food for thought… or at least, for distraction

    I am one of those people who can only focus on work at fifteen minute intervals. I have the blatant inability to sit down and do an assignment until it is done. I jokingly attribute this flaw to ADD. Unfortunately, I have no qualified disorder to act as the scapegoat for my problems. There are just too many distractions and I cant seem to filter them out. Theres AIM, the obvious and all consuming diversion. Sometimes I force myself to sign off, tragically disallowing all those people out there in cyberspace the opportunity to read my boring away messages. But even when I take it this far, I can always scrounge around for at least a few minutes of mental respite from my work, activities that I will typically avoid doing become tempting. I fold socks or rearrange the clothes in my drawers. I will vacuum my rug, change my sheets, or finally send my dad an e-mail. Ill do anything. I think I could find distractions in an empty room with white walls.