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Hey baby, whats your IQ?

Published: October 20, 2006
Section: Opinions

If you are in tune with all of the highly crucial aspects of modern dating culture, you must know all about JDate–the singles network for Jews. If not, it isnt too complex. At, for just a small monthly fee, Jews from across the country can register for an account, fill out a profile, and post pictures of themselves in hopes of scoring a nice Jewish boy or girl to bring home to mom and dad. A typical form of 21st century courtship. How romantic.

Regardless of my own opinions towards the service, lots of students can be found registered on JDate. Whether theyll admit it or not, it is quite true. Clearly the web site is offering something to students looking for love (or maybe just a free dinner from a guy at BU) that they cant get around here. Youll often hear Brandeis students complaining of the lack of dating options on campus (the 9 out of 10 Jewish girls are pretty, the other one goes to Brandeis Facebook group doesnt help to expel such rumors). While it is pretty clear that lots of people have been able to find great relationships within school bounds, others decide to look elsewhere, and JDate often is the place they turn.

I personally know some old-hat JDaters whove met many people and gone on countless dates, thanks to the web site. Although I dont know anyone whos actually met a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, I am sure theyre out there. At the very least, it seems like JDate is a good way for willing daters to get out there and meet non-Brandeis people, which can never be a bad thing. I believe I have used the phrase dont knock it till you try it before in this very column, and although I dont think I personally am going to try it, I aint gonna knock it.

Of course, the specifics of Jdates appeal on the Brandeis campus has a lot to do with that J. Jews like to date Jews, so a whole web site devoted to this very tendency makes thing oh so easy. But other than that, what are some of the other key qualities that we look for in those we date? JDate takes care of the Jew part, but what about the other things, like intelligence? What if hes Jewish, but (gasp!) stupid?

Well, fear not. Theres another dating site in town (well, in the nation) that could very well be your alternative. The other day I got an e-mail urging me to create an account on This service doesnt break people into marital pools by religion, but by college tier. Want to ensure that the guy youre going to meet at Bertuccis on Saturday night isnt a total dud? Looking to send your future kid to an Ivy? This might be a great place for you to explore.

The downside? Other than the obvious ones (as in he cant talk about anything other than Star Wars over dinner, or she mysteriously is 50 pounds heavier than in her profile picture), anyone can register to the site (and it is free), only members who currently attend or have attended elite schools are given “SmartSearch status. Elite schools are limited to schools that make the top 20. Based on this cutoff, Brandeis doesnt make the grade for top billing, which seems to make the whole idea a little less appealing. On this site, we Brandesians dont get the special gold star of approval, which might make you feel a little bit like the kid who got the lowest grade on the math test.

While I cant say that I think is necessarily the way to go to find a great relationship, it is definitely a service that a lot of people out there are going to try. People these days are busy with careers, and their lives dont always include time to find someone the old-fashioned way. These sites are attempting to provide a step up from the standard dating web sites–the illusion of a somewhat less sketchy or taboo form of online dating. This is great. Now I can find a man who is compatible with me, drinks socially, doesnt smoke, and has got brains. But what if hes not Jewish?