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    Andy Meyers

    Here’s to four more years

    Let’s take a trip back to 2004, when all of the seniors who will shortly graduate were first- years. There was no Facebook, John Kerry was running for President, the Red Sox had yet to break the curse, and gas was about $1.85 a gallon. And finally, to finish off this list, there was no […]

    Transparency via blog

    As the winners of our most recent Student Union elections get settled in to their new positions, it is necessary to take a few things into consideration. In an election filled with catch words like “open dialogue”, “representing my constituents” and “transparency”, it only makes sense for both the winners and the candidates to do […]

    Music’s everywhere

    For music fans, perhaps the first glimpses of the upcoming summer festival season can be seen in Indio, CA, where the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will occur a week from today. Here, fans will brave 100-degree temperatures and see a slew of bands that are all over the map. Jack Johnson, Prince, Portishead, […]

    How sweet it is for Men’s B-ball team

    Three decades have passed since the Judges last trip to the Sweet 16. Tonight, they will make their bid to head to the Elite 8 of the Div. III NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and to a very possible championship appearance. If the Judges play last weekend serves as any indication of what is in store, […]

    [LIVEBLOG] Men’s DIII Basketball, 2nd Round, Brandeis v. Bowdoin – JUDGES WIN!!!

    Hey everyone! Coming to you live from Gosman, the Judges get ready for their second game against the Bowdoin Polar Bears, who crushed their opponent here last night. The starting lineups: For Bowdoin: Andrew Hippert, Kyle Jackson, Jordan Fliegel, Andrew Sargeantson, and Mike Hauser. For the Judges: Kwame Graves-Fulgham, Joe Coppens, Stephen Hill, Kevin Olson, […]

    Number four truly will be missed, even by a Vikings fan

    Brett Favre’s retirement is finally upon us. I personally find this announcement very hard to believe, after watching his gun slinging ways since my days in elementary school. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, it was impossible not to love to hate the irresistible Favre, a true gamer. The NFL will finally say goodbye to the […]

    Band diversifies album options

    Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor has long detested aspects of the music industry, and the release of his most recent album of instrumentals, Ghosts I-IV, has made waves in a similar fashion to Radiohead’s pioneering “pay what you want” release of their latest album, In Rainbows. Reznor’s release is in fact as significant if not […]

    Brandeis clubs should embrace the Internet

    A few months ago, it was reported in The Justice that Senior Vice President for Communications Lorna Miles had been working hard to try and increase our university’s visibility around the country. By recognizing this, Miles is taking a huge step in the right direction for our young university. But these kinds of efforts do […]

    The sporting winds have changed once again

    Only a couple of months ago things seemed to be ripe for Boston sports fans and sour for their rivals over in New York. I wrote a pair of articles chronicling the rise of Boston and the fall of New York, but as the end of February nears, I feel it is quite necessary to […]

    The little Giants that could

    As I sat in the scantily attended Beer Garden in Shapiro Campus Center and watched Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at this year’s Super Bowl half time show, I thought to myself, isn’t this exactly what every football fan could want? Super Bowl XLII had it all: a close game, amazing storylines and two cities […]