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    Lauren Stein

    From rags to riches

    Are you sick of watching shows about people who are naturally rich? Do you ever wonder how to live the American Dream? FXs new show, The Riches, shows you how to take the American Dream and live the life of which youve always dreamed.

    Raunchy Romp released

    No, its not Penthouse and its not Playboy either. But, there is a sexuality magazine prominent on this campus: Romp. The 23 page, black and white publication appeared this month, but it is not intended to be a pornographic magazine. The publication, chartered at the end of last spring, has released their first issue around campus. Romps editor-in-chief and founder Ilya Okunev states in the section, From the Editor, that Romp is a creative, artistic endeavor to reflect the overwhelming role of sexuality in our lives. Its a way to sublimate our sex lives into words and share them.

    Don’t forget to lock the monkey cage…

    Most children believe that when you turn the lights off, your dolls and stuffed animals come to life (admit it, you were one of those kids). But unfortunately for us, that never actually happened. However, in this years blockbuster hit Night at the Museum, your childhood dreams will finally come true…

    Never too old for some Hocus Pocus

    Just so you know, I cant play poker. Not that Im bad at it or anything like that. I just dont have the patience for it. So instead of actually playing poker on poker night, I usually sit in the oversized chair in front of the television, which is specifically reserved just for me.

    The Last Kiss doesn’t come in last

    There are some movies that make you laugh, cry and unbelievably angry. And if its a good movie, it has the ability to make you feel all three. The Last Kiss, starring Zach Braff, Jacinda Barrett and Rachel Bilson, is one of those movies. This Garden State-like film is perfect for college students and anyone in their 20s and 30s.

    Read into it: get some chick lit

    Okay, I know. I should probably be ashamed to admit that I read books from the genre known as “chick lit.” These books are supposedly predictable, boring, and too girly. But, I love them and I know most of you out there do too!

    A little Mongolian and some Austrian

    Dinner and a Movie go hand in hand.

    Comedian Max Lance to perform at Brandeis humorist and comedian Max Lance will be performing at Brandeis this upcoming Sunday at 9:30 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center.

    Brandeis joins the Ivy League*

    After a series of intense meetings, Brandeis University has finally decided to accept an invitation to join the Ivy League. This decision was made early Wednesday afternoon and has not yet been officially announced to the public. Its about time that weve accepted the invitation, said the Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Sheryl Sousa. The athletic department is ready to face the Ivy League schools, as are the athletes. Its also convenient considering that we are close to Brown, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Yale.

    Column: College not the holy grail of maturity

    Before going to college, two wise prophets (otherwise known as my parents) gave me some valuable information. They told me that there are very weird people in the world, especially in college. After experiencing four traumatizing years of high school, I didnt think that college could be anything less than a miracle. However, after four months here, Ive realized that there are so many things that Ive learned that I wish I didnt know.