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Raunchy Romp released

Published: March 16, 2007
Section: News

No, its not Penthouse and its not Playboy either. But, there is a sexuality magazine prominent on this campus: Romp. The 23 page, black and white publication appeared this month, but it is not intended to be a pornographic magazine. The publication, chartered at the end of last spring, has released their first issue around campus. Romps editor-in-chief and founder Ilya Okunev states in the section, From the Editor, that Romp is a creative, artistic endeavor to reflect the overwhelming role of sexuality in our lives. Its a way to sublimate our sex lives into words and share them.

Okunev elaborated himself by stating, “I started the magazine to bring about discussion on my greatest interest and favorite topic – sex and the culture that surrounds it. I thought the current publications on campus don't reflect the interests of the students, the greatest of which is sex. So I was hoping to create a magazine that would generate excitement and serve to celebrate our sexuality. I believed the topic needs a safe space that doesn't judge and is free of limits imposed elsewhere.”

The magazine contains features, poems, an interview, a cartoon, an explicit photo collage and realistic illustrations by Ben Douglas. Although Okunev adamantly refutes that the magazine is pornographic, keep in mind that this is an adult magazine.
Okunev added, “I won't take offense if people call the magazine pornographic, nor will I even mind. What's important is the respect we show to our participants and the student body, whom we aim to serve. We produced the magazine with good intentions. And we put hard work into it. I hope students enjoy the magazine and see their sexuality in a more positive light.”

Even if the magazine isn't exactly hardcore porn, just make sure that your parents dont see it when youre cleaning out your room in May.