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From rags to riches

Published: April 1, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

Are you sick of watching shows about people who are naturally rich? Do you ever wonder how to live the American Dream? FXs new show, The Riches, shows you how to take the American Dream and live the life of which youve always dreamed.

The Riches is about the Malloys;

a family of travelers, or modern day gypsies, who travel the country, ripping people off in order to survive. The father of the Malloy family (Eddie Izzard) has taken care of his three children for the past two years because his wife (Minnie Driver), is serving a sentence in prison. After she is released, a family gathering is planned for Drivers character. At the party, Malloy gets into an argument with his brother-in-law. The following day, he steals money from the family vault and disappears with the family. However, the Malloys get into an argument with a fellow group of travelers, which results in the death of two innocent bystanders.

After the fatal car crash, the Malloys attempt to help the victims, however the damage is catastrophic. Izzard finds the identification of the dead man, whose name is Doug Rich, and keys to a brand-new house. Malloy decides to travel to their new home in an affluent town in Louisiana to stay for the night. Consequently, the Malloys decide to stay and steal the American Dream while pretending to be the wealthy Riches.