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    Leslie Salter

    PERSPECTIVE: Dancing the night away

    Last Saturday night, the Brandeis Junior/Senior Formal was held at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. I was personally uninvolved in the organization of this extravaganza, and so I wasnt sure what to expect. First Ill tell you about how I ended up at this formal, and then Ill tell you how the whole formal ended up.

    SALTER:Missing the Mediterranean

    These past few weeks Ive come to find myself in another happy middle-of-a-Waltham-winter rut. I have watched every episode of Sex and the City more than three times and eaten my way through too many packs of those chocolate-vanilla swirl Jello snacks (which, by the way, I highly recommend;

    what genius idea those were). But this morning I woke up and I made a resolution: today I would try to do things the Italian way more relaxed, more hopeful unsullied and fresh.