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    Lenny Muellner

    PERSPECTIVE: How Ancient Greek was saved at Braneis

    In part one, I tried to explain why the study of Ancient Greek language and literature is essential to the curriculum of a liberal arts university like Brandeis. This second part explains how Ancient Greek was actually preserved as part of the curriculum at this institution in the spring of 2005. It is about both the people and the ideas that were in play.

    MUELLNER: Seeing beyond subtitles: the value of Ancient Greek

    When you go to see a foreign film from a country whose language you dont know China, say, or Iran or France you read the subtitles and watch the picture at the same time. You know that youre at the mercy of the person or persons responsible for generating those subtitles and their relative competence in the two languages involved, and all of us have experienced moments when the people are talking on screen and there are no subtitles to be seen, or when the English of the subtitles is barely comprehensible translationese, or when the native speakers in the theater are laughing at something that you, a reader of subtitles only, have no clue about.