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March 2005 Issue

ON YOUR MARKS: March Madness at Brandeis: Basketball or Books?

Im going to let you in on a little secret. Brandeis University does not have a Division I college basketball team. Our womens team has been great the last couple of years, by ECAC standards. Our mens team is a couple steps behind, but theyve had some big victories over the years. Still, basketball at Brandeis will never be what it is on Tobacco Road in North Carolina.

VERBATIM: Senate Money Resolution

The following senate money request, submited by BTV, was passed by the Union Senate on April 21, 2002. It is presented here without comment.

EDITORIAL: Coming to terms (with Marks term)

Slightly less than one year ago Mark Schlangel 05 was elected to the position of Student Union President on a platform combining sexual innuendo and promises to improve how clubs are funded and supported. In his time in office, Schlangel has not achieved the broad reforms he hoped for, but he has laid the groundwork for good things to come.

Feinberg elected Union President

Jennifer Feinberg 07 was elected as Union President in the final phase of Round I elections on Thursday. Turnout for this election was 1660 students, or 53 percent of the student population, the largest number of students voting in recent memory. Feinberg beat her rival Alana Hamlett 06 by 87 votes.

BMSA prayer suite closed due to threats

The Brandeis Muslim Student Associations (BMSA) prayer suite in lower Usdan was closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to several disturbing off-campus e-mails that BMSA members received related to Asra Nomanis appearance on campus.

ITS to get new VoIP phones for students

Students will receive new Cisco phones that offer enhanced capabilities next year. The current 7912 model phone will be replaced with the 7940, a larger, two-line phone that is used in most offices on campus. The move comes after ITS discovered conflicts between the existing phones and the proposed IPTV system, which is likely to replace cable television next fall.

EDITORIAL: BTVs bid for more money shows poor thinking

After a highly successful year of producing and airing both original programming and movies on a minuscule budget, BTV put forth an amendment, which passed overwhelmingly, making it a secured organization. In the two years that BTV has received secured funding it has received almost $30,000 in student money, and yet the level of programming and services provided to the community has dramatically deteriorated.

UJ rejects two BTV bids to fix amendment

BTV, BEMCo and Waltham Group filed a petition with the Union Judiciary (UJ) late yesterday asking the UJ to modify the amendment that BTV had submitted to the Union. The amendment, which originally was to only take money from the Justice, Archon and WBRS in order to increase BTVs budget erroneously also took several hundred away from BEMCo and Waltham group.

Housing fills up at number 1,404

Three hundred juniors and seniors are on a waitlist for housing. The three day long room selection process came to a close Tuesday evening leaving no on-campus residence unfilled.

Network outages plague campus

Problems with a core network switch in Feldberg caused several hours of intermittent network outages this morning, according to Chief Information Officer Perry Hanson. In a letter to the community, Hanson blamed a software fault for outages that caused phone and data services to be unavailable for periods between 1:30 a.m. and noon on Thursday.