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VERBATIM: Senate Money Resolution

Published: March 25, 2005
Section: Opinions

The following senate money request, submited by BTV, was passed by the Union Senate on April 21, 2002. It is presented here without comment.

Brandeis Television Money Request:

Brandeis Television is requesting up to $650 from the Student Union Senate's Discretionary fund. This will pay for two professional grade VCRs and shipping costs. We are looking to raise $5000 by the end of the semester to buy professional equipment that will allow BTV to run 24 hour programming next semester, begin to film campus events, and broadcast original student programming. This fund raising campaign will get us equipment that will last the station for a long time and take care of much of our future costs. From this point on we will be working with other groups for funding such as Student Events to put on current and classic movies every month on BTV. This funding we be a great help to us and would benefit the campus by providing programming all students can enjoy and help us attract new student involvement. Thank you for your concideration.

Avi Kaufman '03
BTV President

Jonathan Sclarsic '03
Student Union Vice President