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Strange but True

Published: September 21, 2007
Section: Arts, Etc.

When tattle- tale leads to jail
A Seattle man almost escaped authorities after being suspected of drug possession. He had been found near the Canadian border more than once with GPS points matching those of a well-known drug smuggling trail, not to mention thousands of dollars of cash, but was released after refusing to divulge any information. His luck ended when he later called Federal Agents to inquire if they had found a missing stash of cocaine. The cocaine was found shortly afterwards and the man was charged with possession and intent to distribute.

Up the creek with a paddle
A man in Long Island, NY, was arrested the other day when members of the Coast Guard found him attempting to tow his 35-foot fishing boat via a small, two person paddle boat. Reasons for the man's actions are unclear, but he had traveled about one hundred yards over the course of three hours before he was stopped. He was charged with unsafe operation and for causing a hazard to others.

Only in Idaho
A carnival worker in Idaho was charged just under $200 for striking a pole with his S.U.V. and failing to report an accident to police. On a form explaining his failure to report, the man explained that two people were having sex in the backseat of the S.U.V., causing it to become top-heavy and difficult to maneuver. The accident left the worker with minor injuries and the two occupants in the backseat with unspecified injuries.

Neglect the grass, watch your, er, face
A woman in Orem, Utah failed to keep her grass green, as required by local law. When a police officer came to her house to request an explanation, she refused to provide her name. The police officer then arrested her, though she resisted. As a result, the woman now faces two misdemeanor charges, one for resisting arrest and one for failure to keep her grass green. Though the city admitted that the situation is absurd, the local prosecution has not dropped its charges against her.