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March 2009 Issue

Merits of embryonic stem cell research uncertain

Mr. Matthew, I find your statement [in “Finally some science: Funding stem cell research” (March 13, 2009)] regarding embryonic life form quite disturbing. When you say that, “This is simply a chance for them to serve a purpose before they go, and it would be a terrible waste not to study them. Would it also […]

Letters to the Editor: Stars and Bars symbolizes racism not history

Dear Editor, In last week’s column “Symbol hijacking: Give us back our symbols!” (March 20, 2009) Jordan Rothman wrote “I would like to have a small Confederate flag on my desk, so that I may display my interest in southern history.” Actually, having a Confederate flag on his desk would display Jordan’s ignorance of Southern […]

End scare tactics: Force government to keep a balanced budget

Politics sometimes makes me think of birds. When I was little, I liked to make birds fly. When I would see a flock of birds sitting on a lawn or on the sidewalk, I would make noises at them and move toward them just enough to make them all take off. The bigger the flock, […]

Book of Matthew: Constitutional ignorance all around

Every once in a while, we hear about how young Americans are suffering from a severe lack of civics education. I certainly won’t argue with this claim. In high school, I remember sitting in a US history class in which at least half of the students could not tell the teacher the number of Justices […]

One Tall Voice: Senior advice from One Tall Senior

As I begin winding down my Brandeis career, I am similarly thinking about winding down my writing in the Hoot. I know that I want to convey some “Senior advice” before I step away from “One Tall Voice” permanently and I think I have valuable suggestions for individuals to pursue. I want to leave my […]

Choosing the blue pill: Self-imposed ignorance

“Ignorance is bliss.” We’ve all heard this phrase before, but I think it warrants a good deal of examination, considering that as students, our primary goal is to learn and combat ignorance. But what consequence does this strategy have for us as human beings? I’m sure not many would argue with the idea that most […]

Relationships: the coursing of true love

Apparently, I am receiving the sacrament of Confirmation this weekend. I thought it was happening sometime in April, which would give me some more time to work out my commitment issues, but I suppose I have reflected enough about what it means to be fully embraced by the warm bosom of the Church (this is […]

Security fees and civil rights

The excessive and exorbitant security fees that are essentially preventing students from bringing Bill Ayers and Robert H. King may be unconstitutional or violate our student righats and responsibilities rights. The Foundation For Individual Rights in Education has recently become involved in a number of similar cases in Berkley and University of Colorado at Berkley […]

Fire safety: A guided tour

The door to your dorm room is blocked. The fire outside is intensifying by the second. You need to crawl through the bedroom and out the window. Time is closing in. A few minutes ago, everything seemed fine. You entered your door and sat down in the kitchen. Your eyes took in the fire hazards–paper […]

Reviving Mumbai through theatre

Where were you when you first heard about the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai, India? More importantly, where were you after? Did you read the newspapers or watch the nightly news to get a sense of how the events transpired? Did you attend a lecture or a peace vigil in support of the lives that […]