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Merits of embryonic stem cell research uncertain

Published: March 27, 2009
Section: Opinions

Mr. Matthew,

I find your statement [in “Finally some science: Funding stem cell research” (March 13, 2009)] regarding embryonic life form quite disturbing. When you say that, “This is simply a chance for them to serve a purpose before they go, and it would be a terrible waste not to study them. Would it also be right to begin harvesting the old, sick, and infirm who are a drain on public resources so that they can serve a purpose before they go? Whether or not you agree on whether or not an embryonic stem cell is a human life is irrelevant. Suggesting that it is okay to destroy life simply because it is going to die anyway and has no purpose is simply wrong.

Furthermore, what your article fails to mention is that up unto this point there has been no success in using embryonic stem cells to effectively treat the illness and disease that you mention in your article. I would challenge you to provide evidence that proves so. In contrast, there has been tremendous progress in adult stem cell research which has already cured disease previously thought incurable. If your intent was to truly advance scientific progress you might have suggested research be put forth in this sector, or having listened solely to the liberal media perhaps you were unaware?

Stephen Hill ’08