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May 2008 Issue

Libel, libel, everywhere

Andrew Brooks’ injunction against the Election Commission is more than just an affront to the voting public of Brandeis. It is a dangerous precedent to set, and may seriously affect another candidate who has had complaints of libel by surrogates brought up against him: Andrew Brooks. The story behind the story here is that the […]

Three comments on the election

I would like to write this article on the debate around the Senator-At-Large position. I have been doing a little bit of research and have a lot to say about the election. First of all, I want to make it clear that all of the facts of the following article come from the Justice, the […]

Shopping for Truth: Feminist and proud

Are you a feminist? Do you know what this even means? Whether you’re male or female, you have a stake in feminism, something I’ve realized after taking Women and Gender in Culture and Society Studies (WMGS 5a) with Professor Sue Lanser. I guess I’d always been sort of unsure of what feminism meant and of […]

Treasure hunt this summer

As Brandeis students pack their bags for the summer, they are faced with the daunting prospect of what to do to fill the long months of June, July, and August. Why not, then, do they not embark on a quest? A quest to find the great unknown treasures of Arabia! Like Aladdin’s Lamp and the […]

“Angry senior farewell”

Someone from the Hoot reminded me last week to write my “angry senior farewell”. To be honest that request would require me to go completely against my nature and betray the people who have made the last four years the high point of my short life. Brandeis is a wonderful place, and it will be […]

Fighting With Pinpricks: Solving the food crisis

In the last few weeks, newspapers around the world—including this one—have been awash with stories about the global food crisis. In Haiti, Prime Minister Jacques-Édouard Alexis resigned following food riots; in Pakistan and Thailand, unrest is so high that the military must guard food stocks; all over Asia, governments have restricted the export of food […]

One Tall Voice: Social justice is a stupid idea

Social justice is stupid. There, I said it, and it feels good. Surrounded by the legions of deluded Brandeisians, using this term almost as much as they speak Hebrew or complain about Sherman, I am now finally happy to write about the imbecilic nature of this concept. This ideal is talked about frequently at our […]

The campus megaphone

We are your megaphone. This is the newspaper for everyone, for the entire community. No matter what. This was one of the first messages that I was taught after joining The Hoot, and four year’s after our publication’s creation, I think it is still the most important message of all. The Hoot is not, nor […]

Here’s to four more years

Let’s take a trip back to 2004, when all of the seniors who will shortly graduate were first- years. There was no Facebook, John Kerry was running for President, the Red Sox had yet to break the curse, and gas was about $1.85 a gallon. And finally, to finish off this list, there was no […]

Taking stock after seven semesters

Say it like you mean it – three years of The Hoot / seven semesters of The Hoot. What! Three years, seven months, and four days ago when I first stepped foot onto this campus, Brandeis was a different world. Every year, changes have mounted to the point where I know that this university will […]