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January 2008 Issue

Inside ticket to the Brandeis parking office

At the time, she took the job out of need. Tia Oliver, ’10, was saving up for a trip to Texas with her mother when a friend who worked in Brandeis’ parking office told her of an open position. Oliver, who had already worked at Phonathon and for Aramark, decided to give it a try […]

The Point: Everyone loves election season

I hesitate to write a purely “political” piece, since so much of our nation (and this paper) is already focused on the upcoming election, but I think that the younger generation’s role in politics—especially at this moment in time—is both important and overlooked. It’s just like when my parents took over their respective colleges’ ROTC […]

The Gold Standard: These colors don’t run

Last fall, I was pleasantly surprised to see an American flag draped across a third-story window in Ziv 130. Under the banner, a sign bearing that once ubiquitous slogan: “These Colors Don’t Run.” This flag became the heart of a minor drama last fall, as administrators ordered the item removed, alleging certain violations of Rights […]

Futile Ramblings: How to stay unemployed

As a second semester senior, I have recently endured my fair share of job interviews in my quest to find the perfect occupation following my commencement during this upcoming May. While I have had the luxury of experiencing a number of different types of interviews for all different types of jobs, I have yet to […]

One Tall Voice: Not OK with MLK day

This past Monday, our university, and in fact many institutions across America, celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am sure that everybody liked to have the day off and I am no exception. Still, I feel that one should really critically analyze why we celebrate this day and what we are in fact […]

Shopping for Truth: Why I don’t have Facebook

facebook.pngIt’s one of the first questions people ask you when they meet you. It’s a way to scope out people before you meet them. It’s a way to keep in touch. What is it, you ask? It’s the obsession called Facebook. Before you start reading this, you might want to sit down because some of this could seem pretty shocking to some of you.

Facebook: Not something for everyone

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Featuring Chrissy Callahan, Pat Garofalo, and Shanna Rifkin, hosted by Andy Meyers. Edited by Andy Meyers.

Writing program teaches city kids, but faces uncertain future

Every Wednesday afternoon at Snowden International School, in a school library no larger than an MBTA train car, I sit and wait for students to come and ask me to help them with their writing. Snowden lies where the posh shops of Newbury St. meet Dartmouth St.’s as cars race down from the John Hancock […]

Are you a double major? At Brandeis, that just makes you like everyone else

When I ask my friends what their majors are, their responses usually include at least two different departments, normally with a couple of minors thrown in between. It seems everyone is at least a double major, or a major with multiple minors, or something to the effect of over-achievement. A sign on East Pomerantz 5’s […]

Sexiled: Hung out to dry


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Edited by Andy Meyers

Foreplay has come and gone. So has he.

The lights are still on, which is never a good sign. You look better in the dark. Besides, this just means he was so fast, you didn’t have time to turn them off. He makes the minute man look like a marathon runner.

Or maybe your story has a better climax than mine. Maybe yours isn’t all falling action, like mine is.

Let’s set this up the right way: He was hot. All six feet-something of hard muscle. I…

Men’s Basketball falls to Rochester

Coming in as the number two ranked team in Division III basketball polls, Brandeis Men’s Basketball hoped to walk out of Rochester having touched true greatness and knocking down number one ranked, undefeated Rochester. Could the Judges ascend the peak and become number one? This was the question many contemplated, even appearing as a poll […]